The Beaulieu Park School opens its doors to secondary school students The Beaulieu Park School opens its doors to secondary school students


We aim to create Places People Love with sustainable communities built to last. For us, it is not just about building houses, it is about putting the right building blocks in place for the community to grow. We think critically about the social and digital infrastructure, transport and green spaces needed to nurture vibrant, connected and healthy communities. 

Communicating and collaborating

From the very beginning, we want to engage with the existing local community to make sure that the development we are planning meets their needs. While we employ great people, who have a wealth of experience and knowledge, the people who truly understand the existing community are local people. Every project we design, regardless of its scale, is shaped by local expertise.

There are many ways we can undertake community engagement, from giving presentations and undertaking surveys to meeting with local charity groups and more. Each new development is unique, so we tailor our community engagement to the local circumstances. 

GMV community planting masterclass event
Residents at Greenwich Millennium Village enjoy a planting masterclass with Kevin Godby, Community Gardener of the Greenwich Co-operative Development Agency

Support and benefits

We work together with delivery partners and local groups to provide opportunities for positive social and economic benefits to the local area from our work. This is through employing local people to work on our sites, providing apprenticeship opportunities, using local retailers or even providing new space for small, local businesses to open. 

We also support local communities through our £1m Communities Fund, specifically aimed at helping the most vulnerable in the areas where we work. The fund is supported by a team of volunteers within Countryside who reach out to partners and the local community to identify areas that need support. The fund was created in 2020 in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. It has proven so important that we have renewed it for a second year, again with £1m to support local groups.