King George Park area photography King George Park area photography

King George Park - phase 1

Proposed development
Wanborough Green, Swindon, SN4 0SN

Wanborough Green has been identified for delivery of up to 287 dwellings. The neighbourhood will be created around a series of green spaces, which together with new and retained vegetation will be a development integrated within its rural setting. The parameter plans for Wanborough Green identify it as including:

  • A residential area surrounded by green space
  • Retained vegetation and proposed secondary drainage features;
  • Buildings with a maximum of 2 – 2.5 storeys, with two potential three storey markers;
  • A Primary Vehicular Route linking north to east
  • A series of pedestrian and cycle connections
  • Children’s play areas (one NEAP, two LEAPS)
King George Park - proposed development page
  • Welcome

    Countryside are delighted to introduce our proposals for the development of the first phases of the King George Park masterplan. We would like to provide the local community with details of our proposals and an opportunity to ask questions and/or provide feedback before we submit our planning application.

    Once you have reviewed the information, we would be pleased to hear your feedback or answer any questions you might have using the dedicated online feedback form or email address provided.

    We hope you find the information helpful and we look forward to hearing from you.

    King George Park area photography
  • The Team

    Countryside is the UK’s leading mixed-tenure developer, bringing together modern and efficient delivery methods to create sustainable communities where people love to live. 

    Our placemaking approach not only leads to us building high quality homes but also ensures we think critically about the social and digital infrastructure, transport and green spaces needed to nurture a vibrant, connected and healthy community. Engaging with and listening to local communities and partners is key to this work.

    Our approach incorporates design for life principles, notably creating a place which connects into the existing community. Our commitment to delivering sustainable communities, ensuring a better quality of life for everyone both now and for generations to come, is further supported by our social and economic programme of training and local and wider employment opportunities.

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    Creating Green and Sustainable Communities

    Sustainability is at the heart of what Countryside do. By employing a wide range of measures and technologies, we ensure sustainability is embedded into our developments and that they will become sustainable communities which mitigate and adapt to the future effects of climate change.

    The Project Team at King George Park

    The project team has been chosen by Countryside due to their extensive experience with the masterplan project since the outline application, which was granted permission in 2013.


    Having been the masterplanners for the outline application, Terence O’Rourke have an in-depth understanding of the fundamental design principles which, through careful integration with the approved Phase 1 and 3 developments, will ensure Barton Park becomes the distinctive, well-connected community that was envisioned at the outset.

    King George Park - proposed development page
    King George Park
  • About King George Park

    Site location

    Wanborough Green comprises the southern area of Lotmead Farm Villages and it lies within the New Eastern Villages (NEV) development area, which will consist of up to 8000 new homes, schools, employment, leisure and supporting community facilities.

    The Lotmead Farm Villages site is approximately five kilometres (km) east of Swindon town centre. It comprises approximately 169 hectares (ha) / 418 acres (ac) of largely open farmland east of the A419 and south of the A420. Wanborough Green, the  proposed first phase, lies alongside Wanborough Road which provides access for the first 200 homes,
    until internal highways are in place to serve the Village from the A420.

    King George Park - proposed development page

    Timeline for the Final Phases

    • Reserved matters planning application submitted – 2021
    • Construction commences – 2022
    • Retail space delivered - 2023
    • Construction completes - 2027
    Total new homes

    Minimum affordable housing
    600 sqm
    Of flexible retail space
    20 Acres
    Of residential, retail, community and public open space
  • The Proposals

    Designing Barton Park

    The previous phases (1 and 3) at Barton Park provide an immediate residential context which we have given careful consideration, especially given that phases 2 and 4 are located in the centre of the masterplan, so that they will have a direct interface with both Phase 1 in the west and Phase 3 in the east.

    Whilst it is important that these final phases are distinctive and have their own identity, the design of these areas also needs to reflect the grain, appearance, materials and landscape of the approved and implemented phases to provide a successful transition that holds the whole development together.

    Barton Park Site maps resized
    Barton park green space and infrastructure

    Countryside’s Bespoke Design Approach

    The principal aim is to deliver a high-quality scheme and ensure that the final development parcels achieve an entirely cohesive and complete development. Our proposals have been influenced by the Design Code set out from the onset of the project, but phases 2 and 4 will be entirely bespoke, focussing on a number of design goals, including:

    • Creating an environment that favours pedestrians and cyclists
    • Spaces that bring the neighbourhoods together
    • Encouraging nature into the public realm
    • High quality detailing
    • A strong treescape
    • Clothing the building form
    • Maintaining vistas to the natural landscape beyond
    • Ease of maintenance and longevity.

    Parks and Public Open Spaces

    Pocket parks have been designed in the locations set out in the masterplan Design Code. Landscaping is a key influence and feature of this development and each individual home is within close proximity to an open space or park area. The two pocket parks proposed within the final phases break up the built form of the development and are situated in areas of natural surveillance to mitigate security concerns.

    Barton Park Pocket Park

    Key Constraints

    The major constraint that we have had to consider within these phases of the Barton Park project is the location and size of the SSEN substation. While there is an existing acoustic fence surrounding the substation compound, we have carefully considered the design of the housing in closest proximity to the area in order to mitigate its effects. There will be a buffer zone between the compound and the housing surrounding it and planting is proposed to provide an additional visual and acoustic buffer.

    Another key constraint is the proximity of the parcels to the A40. Apartment blocks and terraced housing create a defensive barrier to the A40, protecting the houses’ private amenity space and the rest of the development to the north from road noise. To ensure the even distribution of a mixture of housing, there is also detached, three storey housing adjacent to the A40. Angled at 45 degrees, the interaction of these homes provides the opportunity for on plot parking and reflects the distinctive and successful form of the housing in the previous phase to the east.

  • Contact Us

    Thank you for taking an interest in our proposals for the development of the final phases at Barton Park. If you would like to provide any comments or feedback, please submit them below. 

    Alternatively, you can also submit feedback or ask questions by email to [email protected].

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