Walking with Bats at Orton Copse

bat walk

Countryside Partnerships invited members of the local community surrounding the Orton Copse development in Peterborough, to join the team there on a ‘Bat Talk & Walk’ led by an expert from Cambridgeshire Bat Group. 

The group included 12 adults, 2 children, and the Wildlife Officer from Peterborough Council.

Once in the cabin, the gathering was treated to an informative presentation all about bats, those native to the UK, and around the world. Information was provided on their feeding habits, how they roost and how they have evolved in their individual habitats.

Accompanying social value coordinator, Anneka Jones, and senior site manager, Calum Rea talked about the approach behind the landscaping of the development and how the Homes England purpose built Bat Barn and bat poles (and roosts on the new dwellings), are providing alternative roosting opportunities for the bats that once lived in the derelict Gloucester Centre hospital. 

From the site cabin, the group moved across to the Bat Barn, and nearby pond, to get a glimpse of the bats. After a nail biting ten minutes of waiting, the bats started to emerge. Individuals were able to test the detectors and up 15 or so Common Pipestrelles were identified throughout the evening - all commuting and feeding.

One visitor said: “Fabulous Bat Walk. I was so excited and enjoyed the experience, people, and of course, our furry winged friends.”

Another visitor said: “I appreciate the efforts being made to put on events and involve neighbours surrounding the site. It was amazing hearing the bats on the detectors. The presentation and talk were very informative - what a lot there is to learn!”