National Apprenticeship Week: ‘Build the Future’ for a new age of working

Sian Myers

The Government has placed increasing importance on apprenticeships and companies’ encouragement of such schemes as part of its drive to ‘build the future’ - this year’s theme of National Apprenticeship Week. It’s in everyone’s interests – aspiring apprentices and businesses alike – to nurture and grow talent within industries that require specialised skillsets. The housebuilding and construction sector is one of these industries which greatly benefits from apprentices and the years of vocational training which prepare them as highly skilled employees. Without them, there would inevitably be an even greater shortfall in resource and more broadly, the sector would miss out on untapped potential from bright individuals. It’s clear to see that apprentices act as an important cog in meeting housing targets for the entire nation.

A lot has changed since 2020’s instalment of National Apprenticeship Week. Government statistics reveal a 13% drop in the number of apprentices taking on roles during the first three quarters of the 2019/2020 academic year (from August to April compared to the previous year), due to economic concerns, as a business, we are pleased to have continued hiring and supporting ambitious apprentices throughout the last year.

Countryside has always supported apprentices in their career ambitions and with the year that was 2020, it has equipped them with essential experiences such as; communication and problem-solving skills, the ability to utilise technology in a way which supports their teams’ goals and think more critically to better streamline processes. While we are in this period of change, encouraging creative and constructive thinking through our apprentices is the only way in which we will evolve for the better and fully reflect our company values.

Our apprentices have been hard at work over the past year and it has been a pleasure to see their growth in such an unpredictable employment environment. Across Countryside, we have adapted to provide our apprentices with training and guidance, by embracing new learning platforms, to meet changing lifestyle requirements as they begin to navigate the beginnings of their careers.  

As the Minister for Apprenticeships & Skills, Gillian Keegan, reiterates, apprenticeships act as a “springboard” for how companies can futureproof workforces and boost careers for the long-term. At Countryside, we’re ready to support that purpose and drive forward with supporting the careers of our apprentices.