#LookBeyond: The path to a successful apprenticeship

Acton Gardens team

National Apprenticeship Week highlights the importance and impact apprenticeship programmes have on young people across the UK.

As part of this, our campaign this week shines a light on two young people from across the company who have been involved in differing projects and departments as part of their apprenticeship scheme.

Blair Farndon, an Ealing, Hammersmith and West London College student completed a Diploma Level 2 qualification in Site Carpentry before taking up an apprenticeship at one of our flagship schemes, Acton Gardens.

Under the supervision of TC Carpentry, which is funding Blair’s NVQ Level 3, he was taken on to work alongside the development team onsite in Acton to further enhance his experience of working in the construction industry.

Both his supervisors from Countryside and TC Carpentry helped to boost Blair’s confidence and ability to work in a team over the course of his apprenticeship by steering him on daily tasks and working in collaboration with the rest of the team. Blair took on the feedback given to him by his peers, improving his own personal skillset in order to meet his goals.

By the end of the placement, the team at Countryside were so impressed with Blair’s commitment and flair for the job that they were keen to retain him as a full-time employee. Blair was elated to hear that he had the chance to stay with the team at Acton Gardens, which provided him with a wealth of career guidance and experience.

We are pleased to see young apprentices like Blair succeed in their roles and stay with Countryside even after they have completed their schemes.

Joe Pugh, a budding Quantity Surveyor who joined Countryside’s Partnerships West Midlands region three years ago, undertook an apprenticeship scheme as a Trainee Estimator in 2017. Since then, Joe has excelled in his role, having been promoted twice during the course of his apprenticeship – first as an Assistant Estimator and now Estimator.

Joe’s mentors and supervisors at Countryside were able to guide him through the scheme, helping him advance his knowledge and experience in the sector. Speaking about the opportunities available during the apprenticeship, Joe was impressed at Countryside’s commitment to encouraging young people to take on advanced roles and learn new skills on the job at such an early stage in their career.

He said Countryside “offer something different” when compared to other housebuilders, providing an all-encompassing experience for those looking to enter the field. After completing his HNC Apprenticeship with Countryside, Joe has now gone on to study a BSc Quantity Surveying course at the University of Wolverhampton and we can’t wait to hear how he is getting on. 

We are proud to have a hand in helping our apprentices meet their own individual career goals through the various apprenticeship schemes on offer at Countryside.