Local Community History Month – Kent

rochester and azure kent local community history month

Once home to the renowned writer and social critic Charles Dickens, Rochester in Kent is a trademark of British history. With fond reference in many of his novels, the town became one of the writer’s favourites and his honour is still celebrated with two festivals held yearly – attracting many visitors from all over the country.

Rochester Riverside – Countryside’s joint venture with Hyde and in partnership with Medway Council – will provide 1,400 new homes to the historic town, along with new community offerings, which will significantly bolster the local housing offering. The transformation of the previously derelict and exposed riverside site will relight the future of Rochester and pass on what was once so fond to Dickens to generations to come.

A short distance from Rochester, a former navy dockland on St Mary’s Island, Kent, is undergoing one of the largest regeneration schemes in Europe. Throughout its rich history the site has seen over 400 ships built, with the last works commencing in 1984. Azure, a new flagship development by Countryside Partnerships, is one of the schemes that will provide much- needed housing to the area with the aim of keeping the future of the site as productive as its past.

Countryside has worked hard to ensure that the construction of its developments have the lowest possible impact on the existing environment as it is an important factor in preserving the historical essence of the local area. With Countryside’s schemes located in sites once unused, Countryside creates new homes with the aim of bolstering the existing area and maintaining the strong community built over years of local history.

Using modern methods of construction, Countryside maintains the bespoke design of areas and demonstrates the possibility and expectation that can be set for the future of new homes while staying true to the roots and history of the local communities.

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