Local Community History Month – Beam Park

Local community history month - Beam Park

Located in the south London Borough of Barking and Dagenham, Beam Park was previously part of the former Ford automotive plant site.

Built at the end of the 1920s, the former Ford manufacturing plant thrived during ‘Dagenham’s Golden Age’ and is still remembered as a historic contribution to the borough’s prosperous past. Construction of the site took two years and in September 1931 welcomed 2,000 employees from the Ford plant at Trafford Park, Manchester to a new life in Dagenham.

During the 71 years it was active, the site saw the production of over 11 million cars, trucks and vans manufactured and played an instrumental part during the Second World War through its contribution to the production of vans, army trucks and mobile canteens.

With the rise in demand for modernised cars, the assembly of vehicles at the site officially ceased in 2002. The loss of manufacturing at the Ford site deeply affected the local economy of Dagenham as it resulted in the subsequent job loss for the majority of the local community whose livelihood depended on the production site. Ford has continued part operation in Dagenham as a facility to make engines, however, much of the previous factory site was left derelict.

Countryside, together with partners L&Q and the Mayor of London, are driving one of the only three regeneration schemes in London to deliver 3,000 homes to the area and are providing 50% affordable housing to transform the former site into a new vibrant destination: Beam Park.

Alongside much-needed housing, the development will provide a range of amenities to support the new and existing community including schools, nursery, a community centre, gym, café, and a multi-faith centre.

Countryside has worked hard to ensure the new development benefits the existing local community, not just through the delivery of affordable homes, but also vital infrastructure, with the aim to celebrate the rich history of the renowned Ford factory plant and to help regenerate this part of the capital  

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