Local Community History Month - Bath

Local Community History Month week 3 - Bath

As the first and only city in the UK to be designated as a UNESCO world heritage site in its entirety, Bath’s cobbled streets and fascinating architecture holds a layered history – the origins of the town and its sensitive planning symbolise a great period in British history.

The name Bath comes from the Roman baths and temple constructed at the site of hot springs in A.D. 60. Originally founded by the Romans as a natural thermal spa, the city only continued to prosper with age. The town planning was sophisticated and geared toward the visual, with height restrictions and ample usage of a local stone whose richness and golden colour giving a touch of warmth even during a rainy day. In the 18th century, Bath was transformed into a spa town, and it is one of the finest examples of the architectural movement known as Georgian Classicism. From an important centre of the wool industry in the Middle Ages to an elegant neoclassic fashion hotspot under George III in the 18th century, the city captures many major moments in time.

Many also know the city as the previous home to acclaimed writer Jane Austen from 1801 to 1806. Bath is used as the setting in many of her novels including ‘Northanger Abbey’ and ‘Persuasion’, casting readers into the high-class lifestyle of Georgian Britain – attracting literary enthusiasts from around the UK who wish to explore the area Austen so distinctly described.

Situated just two and a half miles away from the city centre, Countryside’s scheme, Sulis Down, offers a perfect balance of country and city life. The unique character of the development has been designed to emulate the beautiful exterior of Bath’s historic landscape.

Whilst there continues to be an extensive demand for new housing options, Countryside takes time and care to ensure the bespoke design of homes complement and bolster the history and character of the individual surrounding area.

Bath has over 5,000 listed buildings, including the temple of Sulis Minerva and the Baths complex, giving residents the opportunity to live in a home that suits modern living whilst close to arguably one of the most desirable cities in the UK.

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