Countryside welcomes students from Yesodey Hatorah School to its Tower Court regeneration scheme


We recently welcomed students from Yesodey Hatorah School in Hackney to our Tower Court regeneration scheme in Stamford Hill.

The purpose of the visit was to bring to life how new developments can have a positive impact on surrounding communities.

The pupils, who have been studying geography and urbanism, had been tasked with assessing their local area and were especially interested in Tower Court as an example of how new developments can enhance surrounding areas, whilst also meeting local housing demands.    

Having written to Hackney Council with their findings, the pupils were invited onto the site to find out more about the design for Tower Court. The pupils learnt about the importance of local consultations with different groups from within the Stamford Hill community and also creating communities that serve the needs of the local people. 

During their visit to Tower Court, they were given an overview of the site and watched construction from the viewing platform. The students were keen to learn more about the development, asking a lot of interesting questions about, the development’s facilities and landscaping. The site visit also highlighted how Countryside is working in partnership with the council to ensure local people benefit from the development in terms of jobs and training opportunities.

Countryside is committed to building flourishing and sustainable communities, not just houses; so, with the creation of each development, we engage with people living in the surrounding area. In this way, each Countryside development helps to improve the local neighbourhood. We were thrilled to welcome the students from Yesodey Hatorah Senior Girls School – their passion for urbanism was infectious and we hope they enjoyed the experience and found it educational.