Countryside helps Barking schoolchildren plan for their future at ‘Careers Junction’


Countryside is proud to have supported a ‘Careers Junction’ workshop that took place at Greatfields School in Barking, helping Year 9 students make informed decisions for their GCSE choices.

The construction sector, once considered as a male dominated industry, is looking for young talent and Countryside is committed to inspiring the next generation early.

Organised by the East London Business Alliance (ELBA), the workshop was designed to give the students an insight into potential careers and an opportunity to network with professionals from a range of industries.  As well as housebuilding, representatives were present from accountancy, banking, finance and the consulting and management sectors.

Fozia Parveen-Sheikh, Senior Social Value Manager, Partnerships South, attended the event, explaining her role at Countryside and sharing her career journey to the pupils.

ELBA is a charity that has specialised in enabling successful partnerships between businesses and the community in the region for the past three decades. Through events like the Careers Junction workshop, ELBA is bridging the gap and tackling the issues that determine social mobility.

Graham Cherry, Chief Executive, Communities, Countryside, said: “We are currently delivering some of the largest schemes in East London, so we’re proud to support the local community by participating in this ‘Careers Junction’ workshop. Through events such as this, the next generation is more informed of their choices and future career paths become a lot less daunting.  We’re proud to help equip them with the skills and confidence they need for future success.

“Countryside has always been committed to creating places people love and our responsibility goes beyond bricks and mortar. We take our responsibilities seriously when it comes creating sustainable communities and inspiring future generations in an industry we are proud to be in.”