Countryside graduate team completes the Hope Challenge 2019, raising £3,000 in aid of Habitat for Humanity


We are proud to announce that a team of six Countryside graduates took part in Habitat for Humanity’s Hope Challenge 2019, claiming the ‘Sheer Determination’ award for their hard work and resolve throughout the challenge.

The Hope Challenge is a unique event for those in the housebuilding, construction and property sectors. Organised by Habitat for Humanity - a world-leading shelter charity focussed on providing homes, disaster response, water and sanitation for families and communities – the challenge involved 12 teams competing over a weekend.

 Before heading to the Peak District for the three-day adventure, our team of graduates raised £3,000 in aid of Habitat for Humanity. On arrival, the group had to source building materials and then construct a shelter. It had to be strong, safe and comfortable, since the group would be sleeping there for two nights, whatever the weather.

The resourceful Countryside team used pallets as the shelter base, built timber bunkbeds and used Correx to make the shelter waterproof. Though perhaps not the most beautiful, Countryside’s hardy shelter was one of only four structures that did not blow over in the Peak District wind.

In addition, the team was tasked with completing a ten-kilometre trek, building a fire, a water-carrying challenge and building a raft to get from one side of a pond to the other. The team completed the challenges successfully within the allocated time, although got a little lost on the trek, adding a further five kilometres to the distance!

Despite the hot weather, the Countryside team managed to take fifth place and were awarded a prize for sheer determination, trying their absolute best, and helping other teams when they were struggling.

We are incredibly proud of our graduates for taking part in the challenge and raising money for such a good cause: Habitat for Humanity works to build safe environments where families and communities can thrive – a mission that Countryside supports wholeheartedly.

Congratulations to the team - we are looking forward to next year, when we hope to see another Countryside team enter the Hope Challenge. 

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