Countryside announces all their homes are now ‘Greener by Design’

Greener by Design Logo

As part of our continued efforts to create sustainable homes for lasting communities, we adopt practices to ensure that homes are built with the environment in mind. Throughout the design and build process we take steps to ensure that our customers are getting a green, energy efficient home, in a thriving development that is affordable and benefits the planet.  

Earlier in 2021, Countryside unveiled its ambitious approach to sustainability, setting out 25 key targets, which focused on three key areas: operations and the homes we build;  the communities we create; and people.

During the pandemic, it became clear that access to nature and greenspace was vital for our wellbeing. With biodiversity under significant threat across the UK, Countryside has a biodiversity strategy that helps to address the decline, whilst also creating green and open spaces for people to enjoy. With processes in place to implement ecological assessments, biodiversity action and landscape management plans, Countryside has set a target to achieve at least 10% net biodiversity gain across its new developments by 2025, as well as committing to plant 250,000 new trees in the same timeframe.

As sustainability remains one of the main business priorities, we have adopted ‘Greener by Design’ principles that enables us to build efficiently to create places people love to live. From visible features such as double glazing and water saving features to hidden features such as advanced ventilation and additional roof installation, a Countryside home is designed to be 27% more energy efficient than the national average.

Energy efficient homes: our homes are 27% more energy efficient than the national average, with A-rated boilers, low energy LED lighting, smart thermostats, and the installation of appliances with high efficiency ratings all contributing to this figure.

Saving you money: with energy costs on the rise there is no better time to buy a home where energy saving features are included as standard. According to the Home Builders Federation, on average, owners of a new build property save £435* on household bills each year. Those that buy a new build house specifically see even greater annual savings of £555 – which is equivalent to three weeks of an average mortgage or the cost of a takeaway coffee every working day for the year.

Keeping you cosy: our homes come with high efficiency double glazing as standard, letting plenty of light and warmth in while minimising heat loss. Additional roof insulation and increased wall thickness are among the other unseen features included with our homes that will help reduce the costs of keeping home warms in the winter months, while also keeping them cool in the summer.

Reducing water usage: our kitchens and bathrooms incorporate water saving measures, but that doesn't mean you'll be compromising on style or functionality. These features mean our homes use 20% less water than the UK average, with clear cost savings for our homeowners. Our taps and showers use aerated technology to provide the feeling of a strong flow, whilst using less water. Plus, our dual low flush toilets use the minimum amount of water to ensure less waste.

Healthy air: air quality plays a vital role in our health, so we install a Positive Input Ventilation system in all our homes. This clever system takes fresh air from outside and filters out any pollen or impurities, regulates the humidity, and circulates the clean air throughout your home.