Ballot approval for Countryside and Riverside at Pike Close


Countryside, one of the UK’s leading home builders specialising in placemaking and regeneration, and Riverside, one of the leading providers of social housing in the UK, supported by the Greater London Authority (GLA), have received approval from the residents of the Pike Close Estate in the London Borough of Bromley to proceed with the redevelopment of their estate, having received support from 82% of voters.

Situated near Burnt Ash Lane in Bromley, 218 homes are planned for the redevelopment of the Pike Close estate, with a target of 50% affordable. The plans will see new homes built for all current tenants that meet modern space and energy efficiency standards. In addition, the project will create more than 100 new homes for sale on the open market to help meet local demand.

Riverside, which owns and manages the 92 rented homes in Pike Close, together with Countryside and architects HTA, have engaged with residents through workshops, consultations, drop-in sessions and visits to existing Countryside developments to demonstrate the quality of housing and placemaking that will be delivered. The proposals seek to improve the mix of housing on Pike Close, to address under-used spaces, including children’s play areas, and to improve community safety. All residents on the estate will only have to move once – straight into their new home.

A planning application will be submitted to London Borough of Bromley later in 2019 following consultation with local residents.

James Murray, Deputy Mayor for Housing & Residential Development, said: “We are pleased to see the Mayor’s policy being put into practice at Pike Close. Londoners who live on estates must have a real say in any plans for where they live, which is why the Mayor has put ballots at the heart of his approach to estate regeneration. We look forward to continuing to work with Riverside to build new social housing for existing residents and other Londoners.”

Andy Fancy, Managing Director, Partnerships South (North & South), Countryside, said: “We are delighted with the overwhelming support for the proposals. The redevelopment of Pike Close will be a fantastic opportunity to deliver a significant number of new, high-quality homes for local residents, creating a vastly improved neighbourhood, integrating existing and new communities.

“At Countryside, our ethos centres on putting the local community first, and yet again, we have successfully demonstrated that, by continuing to work with residents from the outset, we can deliver the much-needed investment in housing and public realm that the area needs whilst preserving a sense of belonging and wellbeing – so crucial to the success of a cohesive and sustainable community.”

Riverside Group Chief Executive, Carol Matthews, said: “I am really pleased that such a clear majority of Riverside’s Pike Close tenants said yes to our proposals. It means that Riverside will be able to provide overcrowded families with new homes that meet their needs, improve their living conditions, and still keep the existing community together.

“This is Riverside’s second successful resident ballot since the Mayor of London issued guidance in Summer 2018. It is the result of months of work engaging with our tenants and shows Riverside’s commitment to revitalising communities.

“Working with a private-sector partner and producing additional homes for sale on the open market means that we, as a not-for-profit organisation, are able to fund this transformation in the lives of our tenants. We will continue to work with and listen to our tenants, and the wider community, as we shape the details of our planning application to the London Borough of Bromley in 2019.”