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Placemaking and Legacy 

We have a strong reputation for design-led housebuilding, creating some of the most sought-after neighbourhoods in the country.

We are incredibly proud of the communities we have created and places which bring such joy. Residents new and old are proud to say they live in a Countryside home.  

We have delivered pioneering, beautiful places across the country, and have been rewarded with the much-coveted RIBA Stirling Prize as well as other regional and national design awards.  

Our exemplar schemes have been referenced in the Living with Beauty report by the Building Better, Building Beautiful Commission and within the National Design Guide and National Model Design Code. 

As developer 

Our team of land, technical and planning specialists takes new sites from planning and promotion, through to the delivery of new communities.  

The extensive skill set is used to build homes, infrastructure and communities. 

What does a developer do? 

We have the in-house skills and expertise that enable us to deliver a wide range of sites – both immediate and strategic.

We are able to gain planning consent and deliver strategic infrastructure, landscaping, new homes and community and mixed-use facilities in a coherent manner. This is key in achieving quality, adding value and leaving a long-term legacy. 

"Our approach looks beyond the value created by planning permission to how we can help put in place the building blocks for a comprehensive and cohesive community." 

Securing planning consent  

Our route to securing planning permission includes understanding of the site characteristics and how it is ultimately going to be delivered – both from an infrastructure and development perspective. Our approach looks beyond the value created by planning permission to how we can help put in place the building blocks for a comprehensive and cohesive community.  

Our track-record is acknowledged by local authorities, providing confidence in the deliverability and quality of our developments to decision makers. We use our expertise to commit to realistic timings for delivery. This is crucial for local authorities, service and infrastructure partners and landowners alike. Our commitment for the life of a development extends to responsibility for the ongoing S106 obligations, giving landowners and councils deliverability.  

Delivering strategic infrastructure  

The delivery of amenities and infrastructure – whether it be roads, footpaths, cycle paths, open green spaces, sports pitches or play areas – is crucial to creating a sense of place early in the life of a development and is key to enhancing its overall quality. 

We consider what infrastructure is needed to help the new community thrive. We provide the necessary expertise, financial strength and acumen to ensure the infrastructure is successfully delivered into the wider masterplan. We also think about how we can support the local economy through our procurement decisions and opportunities for local employment. 

Construction at meadow rise


Building high quality homes  

Our expertise in housebuilding ensures we create spaces that people can call home. Our homes carry a signature style and character, with carefully selected materials that reflect our commitment to quality and reflect the local vernacular. We design our homes to ensure they are energy and water efficient, while also being spacious. Research by Savills has shown that a Countryside home can demand a sales premium of 27% against other housebuilders.  

Putting landscape at the heart  

The landscape and historical features of our sites are what gives them character. They are always at the heart of our master planning.  

We use existing landscape features, like trees and hedgerows, to create a sense of place and permanence to our communities. We add this with a variety of new green spaces for residents to enjoy, while also supporting the local wildlife and biodiversity.  

We put in place long-term stewardship of our sites to ensure that the landscape quality remains long after the construction has ended.

Hanbury Place street scene


Creating a vibrant community and mixed-use facilities  

Communities cannot be created solely with housing. Our approach to master planning and delivery ensures that we provide complementary uses such as schools, retail, community buildings, hubs and transport infrastructure at the correct time and in the proper place. This approach encourages social interaction and enables residents to make sustainable travel choices. It also makes sense commercially and drives value within our scheme.  

Being responsible and accountable 

We are there through the duration of a project. From land acquisition and promotion, right through construction, to the adoption of the very last open space, we are responsible. We provide a single voice which is invaluable for building relationships with everyone involved in bringing a new community together. It also means that we can hold ourselves and our partners to account for maintaining quality and value.  

Leaving a lasting legacy  

Countryside developments stand the test of time. We make sure that our work on site leaves a lasting positive legacy for the local environment with beautifully landscaped green spaces, tree-lined streets and playgrounds for people to enjoy that also create a haven for wildlife. 

The ongoing legacy and stewardship of our new communities is vitally important to us. Our approach ensures that we embody a lifetime approach and are fully invested in the success of our sites.  

To find out more about how we deliver placemaking and legacy read our case studies.