Waste policy on site Waste policy on site


Modern ways to tackle waste

The construction industry accounts for approximately 60% of material usage and 33% of all waste generation in the UK. The traditional linear model of “take, make, waste” is not good for the environment or the economy. 

Resources become more difficult to acquire and increasing amounts of waste become more challenging to dispose of. Our Waste Policy and procedures set out the core requirements for minimising and managing waste on our sites. In 2021, we diverted 99.5% of the waste created on our sites and 99.4% of the waste created by our factories away from landfill.

In 2021 99.5% of waste was diverted from landfill

Innovation and ingenuity are key to tackling the challenge of waste in construction. These mindsets are critical to breaking old habits. We are taking on this challenge head on. 

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First, we are investing in manufacturing facilities that use modern methods of construction to build homes. We have invested c.£6m into a manufacturing facility at Warrington that produces fully formed closed panel timber frames.

Modern methods of construction can significantly reduce the amount of waste created during construction, in part due to the factory environment where weather doesn’t play a role in damaging materials as well as the precision of the machines being used in the factories to reduce offcuts.