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Building Communities

Behind everything we do at Countryside is our unifying purpose to create places where people love to live, with sustainable communities built to last. This means thinking beyond just building houses to also thinking critically about the social and digital infrastructure, the transport and green spaces that will answer local needs, engaging and empowering the communities around us.

Creating places where people love to live is more than just creating quality, sustainable buildings. It’s about supporting and engaging with communities at every stage. From understanding the needs of the communities and responding in the way we design our developments, to working closely with our partners and clients to engage and empower communities throughout the whole development process, we place communities at the heart of everything we do.

It is this combined approach that defines Building Communities.

Building Communities Brochure

By placing people and communities at the heart of our decisionmaking process, we build sustainable communities that last and flourish. To ensure that everyone’s needs remain central, we follow the Countryside Building Communities approach on every project, from master-planning and design, through to building and aftercare, working closely with communities and stakeholders throughout the development journey.

Our Building Communities principles help us:

  • Build a stronger sense of community by delivering solutions tailored to the local area
  • Increase local economic growth and maximise social value
  • Improve community prosperity and resilience
  • Foster better public and community relations which are based on trust
  • Facilitate the management and nurturing of the communities over the long term

The Principles

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Building communities engagement


'To be involved in something' 

Engagement is a powerful vehicle for mutual decision-making. In this, local authorities, housing associations and wider stakeholders are fundamental to our approach, connecting us to community needs and working with us to develop meaningful solutions to complex issues. In nurturing communities, we build many long-term relationships where inclusivity, dialogue and sharing inform our approach.

Building communities empowerment


'The process of giving people more control'

When communities are empowered there is greater participation, higher confidence and a greater satisfaction with the quality of life in that area. Throughout the development journey, the value of empowered communities can not be overstated. That’s why we’re so open to public input at every stage, from design, planning and build, to questions of long-term ownership of the community. We operate a full programme of empowering activities from Community Chests and Community Boards through to enabling ownership through asset transfer.

Building communities partnership


‘An agreement between organisations and people to work together’

Working in partnership is the foundation of building more homes and stronger communities. We know that effective partnership and collaborative working enhances levels of openness and engagement. That leads to better thinking, better ideas, and better means, unlocking even greater socio-economic value and community wellbeing. Through forging partnerships and promoting a multi-stakeholder approach we will make a positive and lasting contribution to communities.

Building communities stewardship


'The process of managing and nurturing communities in the long term'

Good stewardship is a key factor in embedding a sense of community ownership. This, in turn, benefits land values over the long-term. So responsible stewardship must also be capable of evolving and responding to the community's needs over time. At Countryside, we give greater consideration to the required legacy arrangements, ensuring that once residents are living in the delivered homes, they are embedded within a community which sustains and enriches their lives. Stewardship is key to unlocking opportunities to build more resilient, economically vibrant and healthy neighbourhoods.

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Embedding the principles and values 

Development Vision, Appraisal & Funding

Together, creating a shared and innovative vision for each development project.

Design & Placemaking

Designing developments with care, which respond to local needs and nurture diverse, sustainable communities.


To deliver on planning requirements, working with local government to build capacity and skills for more homes.

Build & Aftercare

Taking pride in creating communities built to last with customers and stakeholders at the heart.