Acton Gardens community school event Acton Gardens community school event

Social Value

Social Value

Countryside Partnerships is committed to building diverse communities in partnerships, that create local economic opportunity, enable people to live healthy, happy and sustainable lives where their aspirations are achieved. We have embedded this into our Social Value strategy which compliments our objectives responding to local and wider community needs.

Our social value strategy focuses on four key themes for which we have set long-term objectives:

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Social Cohesion - Community Engagement icon
Social Cohesion - Community Engagement

Invest in diverse and inclusive community networks and leverage our skills and expertise to address local issues and facilitate social innovation.

Contribute to local economic growth, by supporting local businesses, investing in infrastructure and improving employment prospects for local people.

Economic Inclusion - Employment and Skills icon
Economic Inclusion - Employment and Skills
Health and Wellbeing icon
Health and Wellbeing

Have a positive impact on our residents and employees mental and physical health and reduce health inequalities.

Build a resilient community that unlocks growth in the green economy, regenerates ecosystems and enables people to interact with the natural world.

Environmental Wellbeing icon
Environmental Wellbeing