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Vistry Group

Vistry Group exists to develop sustainable new homes and communities across all sectors of the UK housing market.

That is our purpose and we have core expertise and competitive advantage across all the areas we operate, with our business model set up to deliver a strong performance across the cycle.

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Countryside Partnerships

Countryside Partnerships is a market leader in the high-growth partnerships business and is led by highly-experienced CEO, Stephen Teagle. The business combines both partner delivery and development-led capabilities and has a hard-earned reputation for delivery, quality and sector knowledge across all housing tenures.

The business works closely with Governmental bodies, housing associations and local authorities through its operating business units, each with its own regional office.

Vistry Housebuilding

Led by Keith Carnegie, the Housebuilding business operates across 13 business units, each with a regional office, which are developing around 200 sites across England.

The foundations of the business' ongoing success come with our high-quality land bank, and a valuable pipeline of strategic land plots.