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Vithusha Easwaran - Countryside Trainee Programme

Vithusha Easwaran is part of the Countryside Trainee Programme, working as a Quantity Surveying Trainee in our Partnership Midlands South West region.

Headshot of Vithusha

Vithusha had a wealth of reasons as to why she wanted to start her career via the apprenticeship pathway, :

“I chose an apprenticeship programme due to how it fits my style of learning. I’m practical, hands-on and learn best visually. There is a lot of opportunities to learn from experienced colleagues while on the programme. I am determined to start my career as early as I can, and what better way than a scheme like this. There are also many benefits, such as:

  • Getting my degree in Quantity Surveying as I progress throughout the coming years.
  • No debt.
  • Annual salary.
  • Being able to network.
  • A guaranteed job after completing the programme.

All these reasons persuaded me to apply for an apprenticeship programme!”

Going on to explain further why the Countryside Trainee Programme was a standout option, Vithusha explains:

“I chose Countryside as I wanted a career in Quantity Surveying specifically in Housebuilding, but this doesn’t mean I learn only about housebuilding; my course involves all sorts of construction, therefore I get a wider knowledge about the industry via coursework but while [also] specialising in housebuilding.

Being part of the Countryside programme, I can work with other departments in the business and understand how they impact my job role or how I can help them. Furthermore, I meet new people regularly, such as subcontractors of different trades and I work with them closely to build relationships which will benefit me further into the future of this industry.”

Recounting on her experience of applying to be a trainee, Vithusha offers insight into what you can expect, particularly if you have no prior construction experience/knowledge:

“Countryside’s recruiting process was far better compared to other programmes; in terms of being kept up-to date, staff were polite and down-to earth they made me very comfortable.

The initial assessment centre was enjoyable, with lots of other applicants participating in a series of tasks that I thought was a very interesting way to get to know others. There wasn’t just the recruitment staff but also managers and employees from the company joining in; even though it sounded daunting that they will be there to observe us, the tasks were not all industry related. I was afraid of this as I came from a background with no construction experience, but even the tasks that were industry related the staff were there to answer any questions."

Throughout her first experiences with Countryside, Vithusha explains how Countryside demonstrated our values, culture and also showed a genuine interest for supporting early careers:

"When I moved onto the interviewing process, I was connected with two members of staff and the line manager of the region I applied. They interviewed me in a style where they wanted a team member they wanted to work with for a long-time and someone they wanted to invest in. This made an impression on me that if I was successful with my interview, I would accept the offer to become a Countryside trainee because of the career progression available; it was also evident Countryside promoted a healthy work environment."