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Georgia Astbury - Countryside Trainee Programme

Georgia Astbury is part of the Countryside Trainee Programme, working as a Construction Trainee in our Partnership North Merseyside and Cheshire West Region.

Headshot of Georgia

Asking Georgia about her decision to get into housebuilding, she explains that her interest and passion came from gaining work experience with the business:

“I started with Countryside in 2020 as a welfare attendant on Cromwell Road to help keep the chances of catching Covid-19 on site as low as possible. During that time I ended up helping on site more with labouring and then I began helping Site Management where I could with getting the plots ready for their CML Inspections and handovers. The more I did this, the more I realised how much I enjoyed it and wanted to make a career out of it and progress onto the next level. I asked if there were any Trainee Assistant Site Manager jobs available [and] I applied straight away to the Countryside Trainee Programme.”

Having been on the programme since September 2021, Georgia explains how she has flourished within the apprenticeship education model:  

“The thing I am enjoying most about the programme is that the majority of the course is learnt on the job; I am a kinaesthetic learner, so for me, being hands on during the week allows me to learn and take in as much as information possible, as opposed to being sat in the classroom. I’m able to work alongside the site team who are more than happy to answer any questions I have and show me all aspects of the job role.

Georgia said that when it came to choosing an apprenticeship, that the programme with Countryside was the perfect fit thanks to Countryside's positive and welcoming culture:

“I already worked for Countryside for just under a year when I had applied for the trainee programme. I already got on so well with the team I worked with and they had no issues in helping me progress, they had a lot of time to teach me and had no problem answering any of the questions I had for them.

Everyone I met prior to applying for the scheme, from the guys I worked with day to day, line managers and above, the customer care team, etc they were all very supportive and accommodating, that I didn’t need to consider looking for another scheme with another company.”