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Graduate 'Pathways' Programme

At Countryside Partnerships (Part of Vistry Group), you can join a highly motivated, enjoyable, modern working environment, that gives responsibility from the outset.

We believe that the success and achievements of so many employees who originally started their careers on our Graduate 'Pathways' Programme, is a real testament to the rewarding and comprehensive programme that we offer.

We are completely committed to developing future talent and investing our time and efforts into the Graduates of today, as we believe they will be the Directors of our future.

Applications for our 2023 scheme are open (applications are via Vistry Careers): Search jobs & apply | Vistry Group Careers ( 

This programme is about making it as easy as possible to build a career in the property industry and that includes the initial application.

Please note the following key milestones for applications to our 2023 scheme:

  • Successful applicants will then be invited to one of our assessment centres, taking place throughout late May 2023.
  • If you are successful at the assessment centre, we will then invite you to your final stage interview.
  • We’ll make our selections quickly after the interview, and successful applicants will receive their offer.
  • Our successful Graduates can then enjoy their summer, before commencing their new role in October 2023!

For any additional queries, please contact e[email protected] 

Download the Graduate 'Pathways' Programme brochure


Our Graduate 'Pathways' Programme

Our Graduate 'Pathways' Programme has been designed to equip you with the knowledge of our whole business, not just one department. That's why ambition, drive and passion for your career are just as invaluable as an understanding of the theory behind our industry. We believe there's nothing like hands-on experience to really give you the edge in your career.

Graduates at Beam Park
Graduates on a site visit at Beam Park

Our newly designed programme is built around four pathways, providing entry avenues into the business within four different specialisms:

  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Design & Technical
  • Real Estate

During the programme, you will spend time working within bespoke rotational departments appropriate to each pathway. By experiencing how each team operates individually, you will gain a much better understanding of how they work together as a whole, to make you a stronger professional in your field at the end of the programme.

Rotations will range from four weeks to four months. During this time, you will benefit from expert leadership, valuable experience and learn how each department plays its part in the process.

This means that whether you began the programme undecided on your specialism or with a clear destination in mind, by the end, you will have all the knowledge you need to continue on your chosen career path with confidence.

Apprentice on site learning
On site learning forms part of the scheme

We give our Graduates real responsibility in their roles, enabling you to take ownership of everything you do, with the support and guidance of our experienced teams. This is where you begin your journey to success.

On your pathway, you will begin and end in the same department, neatly top and tailing your experience. This allows you time to reflect on your learnings and take that specialised knowledge with you into your new role in your chosen department. Your mentoring line manager will be with you throughout, and will help tailor your programme to ensure you succeed in your chosen role.


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    Graduates receiving equipment at induction 2022

    We believe in commitment, passion and most of all, people

    If you have a genuine interest in the property industry, an eagerness to learn, and the dedication to rise to the top, we want to hear from you.

    We understand that times change, people change and it can take a while to find your calling, that’s why we don’t require you to have a degree in a property-related subject to join the Graduate 'Pathways' Programme.

    For us, it’s all about you, so if you hold any degree at 2:2 or above and you can see yourself in the below set of attributes, then apply today.


    Do you care about others, believe in inclusivity, act without judgement and see the value in being yourself?


    Do you embrace opportunities to learn, respect others’ opinions and appreciate the lessons in your mistakes?


    Do you welcome change, recognise the different priorities of others and understand the importance of adaptability?

    Graduates on site 2022
    How We Support You
    Your Support System

    Your line manager is directly responsible for you during your first and final rotations, and they assume the role of a mentor/coach throughout the scheme, remaining close to each rotational supervisor to ensure that your learning is on track.

    They provide you with advice based on their own experiences and are incredibly passionate and dedicated to helping our graduates succeed. Our mentoring line managers are typically senior members of the team, from Senior Manager to Director level, many of which have progressed through a Countryside future talent programme themselves & trodden the same path as you.

    Your rotational supervisor is directly responsible for you within a specific departmental rotation. They are responsible for setting rotational specific objectives and ensuring learning within the rotation meets specified objectives.

    One of our current Graduates will be assigned as your buddy, to guide you through processes, give you advice on further study and accreditations, give you an honest opinion and answer any questions that you might have. Your Buddy is always at the end of the phone and you can arrange to meet formally or informally at any time.

    The future talent team will maintain oversight of your programme and manage all aspects of your personal and professional development. Their role is one of advice and support, and they will ensure that you have all the tools you need to succeed.

    Your Rotational Objectives

    Are a suite of guiding targets that are specific to each rotation, within each pathway. They ensure that the appropriate learning is undertaken to maximise your knowledge and effectiveness in your final destination.

    Your objectives are set by your rotational supervisor and overseen by them also, with the support of your line manager.

    We appreciate that different pathways need different learnings - so the rotations will be specific to the pathway you are on. If you are a design and technical graduate on your construction rotation, you'll need detailed exposure on how our working drawings translate to the physical build. But if you are a commercial graduate on your construction rotation, you'll need exposure to how our commercial decisions affect the way in which we build on site. It's all relative - and your objectives need to be too!

    Your Fellow Graduates

    As you will be joining a current network of Graduates at various stages through their programmes, there is a wonderful community for you to become a part of. The Graduates meet regularly and take turns to arrange and chair meetings, to discuss current industry topics, current projects within their rotations and to share knowledge. They also maintain a healthy social life and enjoy many events throughout the year together!

    Your Professional Development

    We want to help you be the best you can be, therefore as part of the Graduate 'Pathways' Programme, we will help you smartly navigate your path to chartered status and give you the best possible opportunity to develop expertise in your chosen specialism. 

    You may already have a degree accredited to a professional body or you could be eager to learn something new, either way, we will do everything we can to help you now and for the future.

    We are able to fully support you to become accredited by the following bodies:

    Design & Technical - JBM, RIBA, CIAT, CIOB, CABE & ARM

    Construction - CIOB, CABE, CMI, RICS

    Commercial - CIOB, CABE, CMI, RICS

    Real Estate - RICS, CIOB & CABE

    Your Personal development

    We are committed to unlocking your potential. The Graduate 'Pathways' Programme is all about nurturing your talents, opening doors and helping you find the direction and passion you need to build a long career in the property industry. Not only will we support your professional development, but we also have multiple opportunities for your personal development too.