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Greener by Design

Buying a new home is a big decision, location and affordability are key factors but we know how important it is for our customers to live in a home that is efficient but also has been built with the environment in mind, that's why our homes are Greener by Design. 

We take steps during the design and build process to ensure that you'll be getting a greener, more energy efficient home in a thriving development that benefits both the environment and your bank account.

Heating thermostat at Beaulieu show home

Saving you money

With energy costs on the rise there’s no better time to buy a home where energy saving features are included as standard.

According to the Home Builders Federation, on average, owners of a new build property save just over £2,000* on household bills each year, with the average annual running costs for a new build totalling £1,500 compared to an average of £3,570 for older properties. Those that buy a new build house specifically see even greater annual savings of £2,600.

*refers to an average for all types of new build properties

All of our homes have an EPC rating of B, while according to HBF research, less than 4% of existing properties reached the same standard.

Did you know our homes are 27% more energy efficient than the national average* and 56% more energy efficient when compared to a Victorian property? It's thanks to A-rated boilers, low energy LED lighting, smart thermostats and installing appliances with high efficiency ratings.

We are also developing digital learning packages so our customers can get to grips with how they could save even more on their energy bills.

*  Average Countryside SAP is 84.2 compared to the national average in England which is 66 according to the English Housing Survey

Green Mortgages

There are exclusive mortgage products which could offer lower interest rates on properties that carry an energy performance certificate or a predicted energy assessment rate of A – C. Think of it as a reward for buyers who are helping our planet by purchasing an energy efficient home. All Countryside homes have a rating of B or above so this type of mortgage may be ideal if you are looking to purchase a new build home.

Keeping you cosy

It might not seem like a big deal, but unlike older properties, our homes come with high efficiency double glazing as standard, letting plenty of light and warmth in while minimising heat loss. If you were renovating an older home, the average cost for 8 new double-glazed windows and 2 new uPVC doors is £4,500, according to Checkatrade.

Additional roof insulation, increased wall thickness are among the other unseen features included with our homes that will help reduce the costs of keeping your home warm in the winter months, while also keeping you cool in the summer.

Midford Kitchen/Dining with skylight windows
Electric car charging at Beaulieu Gate

Integrating renewable technology

Thinking of making the switch to an Electric Vehicle? With lower running costs and no exhaust emissions being produced, more and more people are making the change to Electric Vehicles (EV). Research from LV found that based on average annual running costs, electric cars are 49% or £1,306 cheaper than petrol and diesel cars.

At the end of 2021, 35% of our developments had access to EV charging and we'll be hot on the heels of demand by expanding this to 10,000 of our homes by 2025.

We are also increasing our use of renewable energy sources across our developments, so our homes will be less dependent on gas and diesel.

We are also installing solar panels and looking forwards, we are working towards installing air source heat pumps in our homes in the future.

Reducing water usage

Our kitchens and bathrooms incorporate water saving measures, but that doesn't mean you'll be compromising on style or functionality.

These features mean our homes use 20% less water than the UK average, with clear cost savings for our homeowners*. Our taps and showers use aerated technology to provide the feeling of a strong flow, whilst using less water. Plus, our dual low flush toilets use the minimum amount of water to ensure less waste.

* Average Countryside home uses 100-110 litres/person/day compared to UK average of 140 litres/person/day according to the Energy Savings Trust

Barnwood Place Kitchen Specification
Kitchen lifestyle image

Healthy air

It might not be the most glamorous feature to shout about, but air quality plays a vital role in our health, so we install a Positive Input Ventilation system in all our homes. This clever system takes fresh air from outside and filters out any pollen or impurities, regulates the humidity, and circulates the clean air throughout your home.

This creates a healthier home environment by eliminating damp and condensation, which are the main causes of mould. The lower humidity level reduces house dust mites and significantly improves the health of allergy and asthma sufferers.

Green travel options

If you're looking to get around without a car, we've got you covered as we ensure that our communities have access to all the public transport needed to be well-connected.

More than 95% of our developments are within 1km of public transport links and 75% have cycle storage.

Brook Valley Gardens livingstone apartments bus stop
Kingsmere landscape cycling

Spaces to support your well-being

The environment that surrounds your home plays a huge part in your lifestyle and well-being, so we create outdoor and community spaces with that in mind. From playparks to wildflower meadows to green open spaces, each helps to create a range of nature-rich and healthy spaces for people to enjoy.

We don't forget about your other kinds of neighbours either - local wildlife and biodiversity is always taken into consideration. Every single one of our developments undergoes an ecological assessment to make sure that all necessary measures are taken to protect, and often enhance, natural habitats.

Our new developments are also assessed against the Building for a Healthy Life standard.

Timber frame construction investment

If you purchase a Countryside timber-frame home it can have 30% less embodied carbon than a traditional ‘brick and block’ build, which equates to savings of 14,500kg of CO2. Investing in this technology allows us to quickly respond to significant housing shortages in the UK, while also reducing our construction waste and carbon emissions.

Timber frame factory
Construction at meadow rise

Sustainably sourced materials

We take pride in sourcing materials from supply chain partners which share our values and commitment to sustainability. In 2021, 99.6% of the timber we purchased directly was sustainably sourced and 100% was compliant with UK Timber Regulations.

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