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Complaints Procedure

Countryside is committed to maintaining a high standard of Customer Service as such we welcome comments on the service that we provide. Customer Satisfaction is a key measure of our service and quality and we aim at all times to maintain a high standard.

Customer relationships will be approached in a courteous and helpful manner and staff will ensure that our Customer's issues are understood. All complaints are taken seriously as we expect to learn from our failures and our successes to facilitate continuous improvement of our service standard.

Customer care specification

Step 1: If you have a complaint

If you have a complaint, then in the first instance you should contact the regional Customer Service team.

If you are a customer who is yet to complete on the purchase of your new home, any queries should be directed to our sales teams at the appropriate development.

All complaints will be acknowledged within 4 daysWithin 10 days of receipt they will either reply fully or advise you of the steps they are taking and give a date by which they will be able to respond in full. Within 28 days a complaint assessment and full response will be provided.

We aim to resolve all complaints at step 1. However, we acknowledge that this may not always be possible. We kindly request that if you remain unsatisfied with the outcome, that you inform us within 5 days so that we can escalate your complaint.

Step 2: What if I am not satisfied?

If you are still not satisfied then you should ask for your complaint to be referred to, or directly contact, the regional Sales or Customer Service Director depending on whether the complaint relates to a matter pre-completion or post-completion.

They will acknowledge all complaints within 4 days of escalation. Within 14 days of escalation, they will either reply fully or advise you of the steps they are taking and give a date by which they will be able to respond in full.

Step 3: What happens if the Director cannot resolve the matter?

If the regional Sales or Customer Service Director is unable to resolve matters to your satisfaction, then you should escalate this further to the regional Managing Director (based at the regional office that you have been dealing with).

They will review your complaint and determine the best course of action, acknowledging the complaint escalation within 4 days and responding in full within 10 days of escalation.

What happens if we are unable to resolve your complaint through these 3 steps?

We will always do our best to deal with our customers in a fair and responsible manner. If, however, after going through the steps outlined above, you are still unhappy with our response, you may wish to refer to your Home Warranty provider (NHBC, Premier Guarantee or LABC) under their claims and dispute resolution service. The warranty provider will then either deal with the complaint under the terms of the warranty policy or, if the complaint falls outside their dispute resolution scheme, offer you the opportunity to refer your complaint to the Independent Disputes Resolution Scheme. Full details of this scheme and its provider are part of the Consumer Code for Home Builders document given to you at reservation. Full details of this Code can also be found by visiting:

Using our formal complaints process, the Independent Dispute Resolution Scheme or Consumer Code does not affect your normal legal rights.

If you would like further details please contact your warranty provider.