Zipcar Arrives at Beam Park


Countryside and Zipcar have joined forces to provide residents of Beam Park with free membership and driving credit to celebrate the new car club that is now in place and available for residents’ use.

Zipcar is an easy and affordable way to access personal transport without the hassles of car insurance, tax and basic maintenance. Reservations are flexible and can be made for as little as one minute, with the Beam Park car club located on Fairlane Road.

Residents can reserve and unlock car access using the handy Zipcar app, and with 2,700 Zipcars across London, comprising a range of cars and vans, there are always vehicles available for rent. Prices start from just £6 per hour, including fuel, insurance and the Congestion Charge, making Zipcar a cost-effective alternative for those without access to their own personal vehicle. In fact, the average Zipcar member saves £3,162 per year[1] compared to owning their own vehicle.

On top of these savings, Beam Park residents can enjoy one year’s free membership, as well as £60 in driving credit when they activate their membership.