Yorkshire: A Place You Love

Sunflower planting with Wynyard Primary School

Yorkshire is one of Britain’s most beautiful places and anyone who’s been there will tell you it’s hard to escape its magic and charm. 

As we celebrate three incredible years in Yorkshire, we’ve been catching up with our colleagues there to find out what it is they love so much about this special place. 

“Its greatest treasure is the people”

A proud Yorkshireman and former student of Sheffield Hallam University, Chris Penn has spent his entire career working in the region and is now Managing Director at Partnerships Yorkshire: 

“Over the years, I have witnessed some remarkable changes in Yorkshire. 

“Its been amazing to watch the region’s economy grow stronger in that time and reassuring to see more businesses - like Countryside - moving up North and establishing their headquarters here. 

“Its communities embrace cultural diversity and it was such a proud moment for us all when Hull was named UK City of Culture in 2017. The fact that Bradford will take the title again in 2025 just goes to show the recognition is very well deserved.

“Yorkshire is as vibrant as it is peaceful. It celebrates a rich heritage and yet it’s forward thinking. It’s a world-class destination and I consider myself very lucky to have lived here all these years.”

“It will always be my home”

Our Marketing Manager, Niamh Duffy, recently moved back to Yorkshire after a few years away and here she explains what drew her back:

“Yorkshire is my home and it will always have my heart. It’s the place I grew up, went to school, made friends and I have countless happy memories here. 

“There are so many places to explore in Yorkshire and it has everything from city, to countryside and coast. 

“The transport links are great and it’s produced so much amazing talent, from Olympic athletes - like the Brownlee brothers and Jessica Ennis - to musicians like Artic Monkeys.

“It really is a very special part of the world, but for me, I just love the feeling that I’m home.”

“You’re never short of something to do”

Jessica Whitehead first joined Countryside Partnerships on our graduate scheme and conducted her dissertation on a development in the north. 

She also grew up in Yorkshire and loves everything about it - but there’s an iconic dish the region is famous for that tops the list:

“I love Yorkshire because of it’s beautiful, varying scenery and villages which are lovely to walk around and explore. The county also has plenty of bustling cities that you’re never short of something to do. 

“The people in Yorkshire are also really friendly, there to offer a hand when needed and always armed with a joke to lighten the mood. 

“Oh and Yorkshire puddings – need I say more?” 

“It’s unlike anywhere else”

For sales consultant, Gavin Hughes, there’s nowhere else quite like Yorkshire: “From the North Yorkshire Moors to the Yorkshire Dales and the Peak district, Yorkshire has many jewels in its crown.

“Its fondly known as God’s own country and its unlike anywhere else on the planet, with its beautiful sites, landscapes and nature.

“But what makes Yorkshire truly special is its language and people - the locals are renowned world-wide for being friendly and there’s no place I’d rather be."