Wynyard pupils grow sunflowers for disability awareness

Raising awareness with Wynyard Primary School

We’ve had our gardening gloves on this month for a very special community awareness initiative in Stockton-on-Tees

Equipped with plant pots, seeds and soil, we’ve been visiting pupils from Wynyard Church of England Primary School to tell them about the important meaning behind the yellow sunflower symbol. 

Do you know what it means?

Supporting our customers

We’re currently building homes nearby at Siskin Park and paid a visit to Year 4 children to highlight the very important meaning behind the yellow sunflower sticker that can be seen in the windows of Countryside sales offices and show homes. 

These sunflowers act as a symbol to let customers know that extra support can be provided to any visitors with a hidden disability should they require it. 

Supporting our communities

Whilst we were there, we also invited them to take part in a sunflower planting competition to see who can grow the tallest flower. 

The pupils have now taken their sunflowers home to grow, and the tallest sunflower will be proudly displayed in the show home garden at Siskin Park later this summer.

Jon Dixon, Year 4 Teacher and Lower Key Stage 2 Lead, Wynyard Primary School, commented: “We were delighted to be involved in this event. As well as being very good fun and involving the Year 4 children of Wynyard CofE Primary School in an exciting activity and competition, we were delighted to share in the message behind the sunflower symbol. The children now have a good understanding of the fact that many disabilities are not in plain sight, and as a school we fully endorse this message.”

Chris Penn, Managing Director, Yorkshire, Countryside, said: “We’re thankful to the Year 4 pupils at Wynyard Primary School for taking part in such an initiative that is very special to us here at Countryside. It was a very enjoyable way to raise awareness for this important cause and help the children and the wider community understand the meaning behind our sunflower stickers, which they’ll see on display in our sales offices and show homes. Buying a home should be an exciting time for everyone and we want our customers to know that we can provide extra support when needed. It was great to see the children enjoying planting their sunflowers and we’re looking forward to seeing how tall they grow over the summer.