"This will definitely be our forever home.” Sue and Kenneth’s downsizing story

Living room of the New Stamford

Now in their early seventies, Sue and Kenneth had lived in the same house since 1989. They bought it just after they got married, but recently decided to make the move to a smaller, more manageable and super stylish home at Radclyffe Green in Chadderton.

Here they share their downsizing experience with us.

Where it all began

“We had lived in our previous home for over 34 years before deciding that it was a good time to downsize.

“We were initially looking for a bungalow, but after looking at dormer bungalows, we realised we should consider two beds as well, and that search led us straight to The Eden housetype at Radclyffe Green.”

The moment they knew

“We knew we didn't want to take on a huge project, so a new build was perfect for us, and as soon as we walked out of the sales office on our first visit, we both turned to each other and said ‘this is it'. 

“We like how private the development feels. We used to live on a large estate so we were looking forward to moving to something smaller, with more of a community feel.”

The honeymoon phase 

“We did feel a bit overwhelmed at first, but we’ve had a really positive experience.

“Decluttering our old home was really therapeutic and making our choices was really exciting for us. We’d never done it before and we’re pleased with everything we’ve chosen, it all looks great.

“We also purchased all new furniture for our home so it feels like a fresh start.”

Wholehearted love

“We didn’t expect to settle in so quickly, but our new house instantly felt like home.

“This will definitely be our forever home, we can’t see ourselves moving anywhere else now and we would encourage anyone thinking of downsizing to go for it.”