'Why we chose Countryside' - new buyers tell all


First time buyers Luke (25) and his wife Chelsey (24) have just bought their dream home with us.

To help other buyers currently going through the same process, the pair sat down with us over a cuppa to chat all things new builds, buying in lockdown, and making the right choices when tailoring their new home.

Luke, a regional manager for child development charity, and Chelsey, a student teacher, started looking for their new home back in January thinking it would be next year before they could buy – but lockdown accelerated the process. The young couple are now the proud owners of a three-bedroom Ashop home and are waiting to move in.

Q: How did you find looking for a home in lockdown?

Luke: We saw the house we wanted in January and made a couple of enquiries, but we didn’t think it would happen this year. Lockdown helped us as we had no outgoings and after paying some things off, we realised we had enough for our deposit. When we visited in June, the home we wanted was still available. It all felt like it was meant to be!

Q: Why did you choose your Ashop home?

L: We chose Countryside and the Ashop due to the location, the price, and because this home simply worked for the family life we’re hoping to start. The kitchen/diner offers a great space to have friends and family over – you can really facilitate people. For us, starting out as a young married couple, it’s just a perfect first family home really.

Q: Why did you choose a new build?

Chelsea: We chose a new build home because we knew everything would be new, fresh and that we’d be the first people to have lived in there. Also, you’re able to choose your own kitchen, and pick what flooring is going in which was a very positive thing for me*. You don’t have to go and spend a lot of money actually renovating the property either.

Q: What do you think of the specification Countryside offers?

C: When I think about everything that comes with a Countryside home it’s just amazing that you get all these extra things thrown in as part of the standard specification. You don’t have to spend a lot of money trying to make it a home which was appealing to us. As first time buyers we didn’t want to invest a lot of money on top of what we were already spending. It was a big positive!

Q: Did you enjoy making your choices?

L: We found the choices day a really enjoyable experience! When you come down to Countryside they get all the options out in front of you. We spent a few hours with them going through combinations which we thought worked well together and deciding what we really liked. There was a great range to choose from and the sales ladies were really helpful. Chelsea and I now have everything we wanted, because all the choices were there. We’re really happy.

C: For us, the home is the foundation for our future together, so we wanted to get the best possible quality for our money and that’s what we got with Countryside. Being able to choose our kitchen and tiles means our home is ready to live in. We’re really excited to move into our new home now!

* Please note the options for customisation vary across our developments, so please contact our Sales consultants for further details