What homebuyers are choosing in 2020


For so many of us, this year has redefined the very nature and meaning of ‘home’.

We’ve all had time to reflect on what we need and want from our homes so it’s been a priority for us at Countryside to find out more about these changing attitudes and understand the new way people are living.

We’ve been asking homebuyers across the nation what is top of their list right now and house moves, space and more flexibility are definitely ranking high… but that’s not all. Read on to see what else is on our ideal home checklist and why Countryside could be the answer.

At Countryside, our homes will always be designed around you so it’s essential we react to any changes in the way our buyers live and interact with their homes. With us all spending more time at home than ever before, we conducted a survey to better understand what buyers need from their homes in 2020 and beyond.

Time to get moving!

Of all those surveyed, 50% said their feelings about their home changed significantly through 2020 and one in 10 people believe lockdown itself has encouraged them to move home. There were many reasons for this but the common themes focused around a desire for more space, wishes for greater independence, and even improved parking.

“A move was planned but lockdown has increased our urgency”…

…“With being at home 24/7, cooking more and being outdoors more, I’d love a larger kitchen and garden”…

…“I’ve been able to do a lot of research whilst in lockdown”

Garden with Fence

Optimised living spaces – inside and out

In early lockdown, many of us reached for physical activities we could get stuck into around the home, such as gardening and baking, which is certainly reflected in what we’re hearing from buyers as the most valuable spaces to them. Gardens and living rooms have had the most investment this year according to our survey – with 43% of those asked stating that, of all areas of the home, they’d invested most in their gardens over the last 6 months.

61% also said that they required either more living space, better room configuration or a change in layout moving forward, with 25% of people specifically stating that home office space was now a necessity.

Dreaming about kitchens

Our survey found that the kitchen is the overwhelming leader when it comes to the most desired room upgrade this year and next, with 28% stating they’d choose this room for an upgrade. A significant number actually stated they already had planned renovations for their kitchen.

We know first hand from speaking to our buyers just how much sway the kitchen area possesses when purchasing a new home, as the ability to walk into a beautiful, bright kitchen without doing any work, often tops the wishlist. We also know that for many buyers the kitchen will become the focal point of family life; with unwinding, playing, relaxing and school work all taking place around the dining room table – often while one person is cooking. This is why we ensure our kitchens feature lovely open plan layouts, and great light thanks to the skylight windows and French doors.

Eaton Kitchen Retouched

Do you relate?

74% of buyers spent between £1,000 – £2,000 on home renovations during lockdown suggesting lots of DIY projects were taking place, as opposed to big renovations. However this interest has obviously waned as by stark comparison 61% will be spending nothing in 2021 on home improvements. 

Have you reached the limits in your home improvement desires or just want a fresh start in a beautifully designed blank canvas? Check out our latest developments, as we could save you a lot of time and money in your quest for a dream home.