'We bought our dream home with Countryside'


Saving up for a house is something many young couples strive for. For one pair in Merseyside, fulfilling the dream of buying a first home meant temporary sacrifices, but the dream finally became a reality this year thanks to the Countryside team at Wilson Chase. 

Cristina Fabian (24) and her future husband Andrei Bloju (29) spent several months making sacrifices in order to be in a position to start house-hunting. Serious about making their home-buying dream a reality, the pair cut down on going out for meals and turned their backs on holidays for over a year. 

The couple, who plan to marry next summer, opted to take part in the Help to Buy scheme which gave them the extra financial boost they needed. Cristina explains: “We got there bit by bit by cutting back on certain things and by using Help to Buy. It was really tough to save but we got there in the end. I have no regrets it was all worth it.”

Deciding on a new build to avoid investing money into bringing an older property up to scratch, Cristina and Andrei started their search locally in Liverpool, to remain close to their jobs nearby. This is when they stumbled across the Wilson Chase development in Huyton and, from the minute they received the brochure, the pair felt they were on the path to finding their dream home. 

Cristina adds: “The brochure really caught my attention, aside from the houses I was so impressed by everything that was included in the price. When you’re buying your first home it’s really helpful to have those little extra things thrown in. Other developers seem to charge for those necessities, like the fridge and washing machine, but these came with the property. Every little helps when you’re also saving for a wedding!” 

Impressed by the Ashbourne house design, the couple booked in for a viewing. Stepping into the kitchen was the moment Cristina was sold: “It was a wow! I walked in and I thought yes this is it, this is the one. It was only our first viewing but I just knew this was the house I wanted. The team were really helpful and suggested we look at the other models to ensure we were making the right decision, but I knew right away that I wanted the Ashbourne”.

Now, having moved into their new home, the young couple feel just as strongly: “Every time I walk into the kitchen I think, I can’t believe this is my house. It’s stunning’”. 

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