Top tips for working from home!


With our day to day lives changing, keep your work life as smooth as possible with these great tips on working from home!

Create a dedicated space

Rather than using your dining table or coffee table, find a separate space where you can work away from people and distractions. This will help you separate work and home life more effectively. Our spacious apartments feature flexible layouts, which means you are free to zone your apartment however you like and create a designated space for work.

Make sure there is natural light

Working in an abundance of natural light is proven to help you be more productive and boost your wellbeing during working hours. Quartet has been designed to ensure every home receives plenty of natural light throughout the day.

Take regular breaks

While it can be tempting to constantly check and respond to e-mails, do not forget to take breaks. Drinking plenty of water and eating nutritious food at regular intervals will also help with productivity, ensuring you stay focussed throughout the day. All of our homes offer access to outside space, where you can take a break and get some fresh air while enjoying the views of the Common and the London skyline. The communal courtyard boasts meticulously landscaped green areas, which will provide a much-needed distraction during a busy day.

Reliable internet

Choose to work from a place with great internet connectivity. At Quartet, new residents will benefit super-fast Hyperoptic broadband, free for the first three months after moving in. There is nothing worse than interruptions during a video call, but we’ve taken care of that.

Have a routine

Just as you would have if you were at the office, make sure you have a routine at home. Take the time to get ready in the morning, eat breakfast and have a walk or run a lunchtime. At Quartet, you can benefit from a stroll on the Common or a short cycle ride on the wetlands to get the blood pumping.