Top tips for a spooktacular Halloween party


Not up for venturing out this Halloween? Then why not play host and invite your friends and family round for an eerie evening of fun. Our top tips will make sure you have a Halloween party to remember – for all the right reasons.

  1. Create an atmosphere

First impressions count, so get ready with the pumpkin jack-o-lantern to create an appropriately creepy entrance to your home. Go traditional or scour the internet for weird and whacky inspiration. Display the ghoulish heads in you front garden and by your front door. Repeat for your back garden and on your patio by the French windows if you plan to be outside.

Indoors, coloured lights can help create a chilling atmosphere. Dim the lights and consider carefully placed candles and tealights in repurposed jam jars or tin cans to create a suitably spooky feel.

Dig out the Halloween party sounds such as Thriller and Monster Mash, and put a scary film on the TV, from Scream to The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

As far as décor goes, the choice is yours: go all out with spray-on cobwebs, paper bats, plastic spiders and broomsticks; or keep it classy by bringing out the orange accessories but letting the costumes, pumpkins, candlelight and music do the talking. For more inspiration, the internet is full of quirky ideas ranging from the refined to the unashamedly garish: Halloween wreaths, macrame ghosts and candlesticks dripping with fake blood are just some of our favourites.

  1. Use your space

Think how best to use your space, bearing in mind the ages and preferences of your guests.  Some partygoers might want to sit and relax in a separate sitting room, while open-plan kitchen/dining and family rooms are perfect for placing the punch for adults and treats for children. Weather permitting, you might want to spill out on to the patio, with the French doors making it easy for guests to flit between inside and outside. Decorations, solar lights and a carefully tended fire pit can be perfect for drawing people out, providing some warmth as well as a place for toasting marshmallows. 

  1. Give the refreshments a spooky edge

Halloween parties are all about the visuals. You can get away with keeping the food and drink simple – think baked potatoes, warming soups and toffee apples – but there are plenty of ways to show off if you’re feeling adventurous. From punch served in a hollowed-out pumpkin to meringue ghosts via gazpacho soup appetisers served in syringes and jack-o-lantern stuffed peppers, the possibilities really are endless.

  1. Plan some children’s activities

Younger children tend to love Halloween but don’t make the mistake of thinking the décor and the atmosphere will be enough to keep them entertained. Depending on the ages of your guests, consider laying out some Halloween craft activities such as making a witch’s hat or decorating Halloween biscuits. An age-appropriate scary movie playing in the background might also keep them entertained.

  1. Get everyone involved

Some partygoers will embrace the fancy dress aspect of Halloween more than others. Consider having some spare outfits or accessories on hand by the door to adorn more reluctant guests on arrival and help them get into the spirit.