Top tips for November nights in

Autumn evening in with friends

If you’re planning a November night in with all your favourite people this month, friends, family and neighbours of all ages will love nothing more than gathering around a toasty fire-pit to warm their rosy cheeks.

Why not add to the glow, by illuminating even the darkest corners of your garden with glimmering hurricane candle lamps and twinkling fairy lights? 

Serve your guests mugs of aromatic mulled wine or hot chocolate to warm the senses and enjoy the feel of the fresh, crisp autumn air on your skin. 

Warm fuzzy feelings

Listen to the laughter and watch as the smiles light up the faces of those you love the most until the time comes that the cold reaches your toes. And when it's time to move the party inside, keep the lights low and share a home-cooked meal over simple, soft candlelight. 

Full of sparks

If it’s a quieter night in you had in mind, keep it sweet and simple. Stock up on some sumptuous chocolates, slip on your pjs, play some classic board games, watch some old-school movies and let the laughter unfold.