Top tips: Making the most of the bank holiday weekend

top tips

The month of May brings us not only the first glimpse of the summer sunshine, but also the start of bank-holiday season. With an extra day for the coronation this month, and the Spring bank holiday coming up on 29 May, take a look at our top tips on how to make the most of those extra days.


  1. Explore somewhere new: Venture out to a new spot. Whether that be a new restaurant or bar, a national park or other outdoor space, schedule some time in over the bank holiday to visit somewhere new on your own or with a friend or the family.


  1. Spring clean: Block out some time over the weekend and give your home a deep clean and declutter. Dust off those shelves, bring out your summer wardrobe and organise your space. A tidy home will lower stress levels, give you a sense of accomplishment and improve your mental wellbeing.


  1. Quality time: If you’ve not seen a friend or family member in a while, get in contact with them and make a fun bank-holiday plan. If you’ve just moved into a new home and want to show off your space, invite them over for lunch or dinner and spend some time catching up.


  1. Get in the garden: After an exceptionally cold snap during winter, most of us have been left with some areas of our garden that either need attention or where there’s room to introduce some new plants. A visit to a garden centre can provide some much-needed inspiration of ways you can introduce fresh colour and scents to your outdoor space.


  1. Give your house a refresh: The May bank holidays are some of the most popular times for DIY. Paint can provide an easy way to give a room or feature wall a new lease of life; or if you’d rather not get the paintbrushes out, hanging pictures, rearranging ornaments and trinkets, or moving your houseplants are all quick and easy ways to give you a fresh perspective.


  1. Life admin: We all have that pile of paperwork that needs sorting, that jacket that needs to go to the dry cleaner’s and that parcel that needs returning. Make the most of your extra weekend day to do the jobs you’ve been putting off for weeks: you’ll feel better once they’re done!