Top tips for dressing your home for Christmas

Christmas interior

Christmas preparations seem to begin earlier and earlier each year. No sooner are the Halloween costumes packed away than the baubles and tinsel are in the shops and our TVs are filled with adverts selling the Christmas dream. But whether you embrace everything Noel with open arms or prefer something a little more understated, we have some top tips for dressing your home for the festive season:

  1. Choose your style. Creating a distinctive Christmassy theme throughout your home can give it a distinct identity. You can opt for a Scandi Nordic vibe by combining traditional woods with flashes of colour. Alternatively, you could fashion a Boho feel by choosing muted greens, neutral colours, natural materials and maybe a blush of pink. Or you could go down the traditional route using rich colours and textures to fill your home with a sense of Christmas luxury. Choosing one route and sticking with it will help create a coordinated and considered look.
  2. Choose the right tree. Consider the best place for your tree and make sure you buy one that’s a suitable size – don’t be tempted to get one that’s too big for the room. Real trees fill your home with a lovely festive pine scent, but artificial trees can look just as good and could save you money over time. You can even buy pre-lit ones that save the hassle of untangling the fairy lights.
  3. Decorate your tree like a pro. Start with the lights, switching them on first and then starting from the bottom, weaving the bulbs over and under the branches closest to the trunk before moving back down the tree covering the outer branches. Then layer decorations over, aiming for an even distribution and a sense of symmetry or balance. Start from the top of the tree and work your way down, using a limited colour palette but a range of shapes and textures to add depth and interest. Place large baubles close to the trunk and at the bottom, while using smaller baubles on the ends of the branches and near the top. For that professional finishing touch, consider a tree skirt to cover the trunk or stand.
  4. Take it outside. You don’t need to turn your front garden into a festive version of Las Vegas to give your home a Christmas feel on the outside too. First impressions count and when seasonal visitors call, festive mats, a wreath on the door or a decoration in a window might be just enough to create a welcoming festive feel.
  5. Finishing touches. Sometimes it’s the little things that add that Christmas sparkle. From stair garlands and table centrepieces to poinsettias and festive floral arrangements, the possibilities are endless. Just make sure your ideas stick within your theme for a harmonious feel. And finally scented candles and fragrances can be used around your home so when you close your eyes and breathe in, you know that Christmas is almost upon us.