Top tips: Creating a healthy and happy home

healthy home

A recent survey from Finder suggested that health is the most popular new year’s resolution in Britain, with 28% of us aiming for a healthier lifestyle this year. Research has also shown that your home environment can have a significant impact on your health and happiness. So here are our top tips for creating a home that will help you fulfil your health ambitions in 2023.

Make light work: Light helps us to lift our mood and be more productive, more energetic and more alert. Consider how you can maximise light in your home, whether by installing blinds or curtains that sit around the window frame when open rather than blocking any of the previous light, by using mirrors to reflect natural light into darker corners, or by simply giving your windows a good clean.

Less is more: An untidy space creates an untidy mind. In the aftermath of Christmas, we’re often left with a wealth of new possessions that are yet to find a home. January can be a great time to have a sort out, donating any unwanted items to the charity shop. For everything else, invest in storage solutions that maximise your space and make it easy to keep surfaces clean and clear.

Go natural: It’s easy to think that a clean home is a healthy home, but some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can actually be harmful to our health. Switch to natural cleaning products for a healthier and more environmentally friendly alternative.

Relaxing aromas: It’s proven that certain scents can help keep us relaxed, improve our sleeping patterns and aid with mental health issues. These include lavender, rose, bergamot and much more. Invest in some candles, incense sticks or essential oils to fill your home with these calming aromas.

Create a dedicated workspace: With more of us working from home, it’s easier for work stresses to impact on our personal or family lives. We don’t all have space for a dedicated study, but setting up a desk or office space in a spare room or even a hallway can help improve separation between work life and home life.

Lock those gadgets away: In the age of social media and online streaming, we are prone to picking up our phones or switching on the TV and getting stuck in the digital world for hours at a time. But research shows that switching off from connected devices can have a beneficial effect on our mental health. Storage can help here: keeping iPads or mobile phones out of sight in a closed drawer or cupboard at set times of the day can help remove temptation and encourage us to interact on a more meaningful level with those around us.

Go green: Not only do house plants provide a sense of style to your space, but they also improve air quality by filling your home with clean air and filtering out any nasty toxins floating around the room.