Time to shine in the kitchen

Countryside kitchen

Celebrating Christmas in your new home for the first time is one of the highlights of every Countryside homeowner’s journey. Our iconic open-plan kitchen, dining and living spaces mean the whole family can get involved, with the cook taking centre stage rather than missing out on the festive fun.

All our homes come complete with an exceptionally high specification as standard, and this is especially important in the kitchen, where modern, well-planned kitchens with integrated appliances and spacious open-plan dining areas make serving up the most important meal of the year a breeze. Our skylight windows will allow children and adults to look at the stars and watch out for Santa on Christmas Eve and will flood your home with natural light on Christmas morning.

If you’re cooking this Christmas, follow our five tips to ensure it’s a pleasure, not a chore.

  1. Get ahead: From parboiling the potatoes to creating the canapés, there’s plenty that can be done the day before, so aim to leave only essential cooking tasks to the big day
  2. Get organised: Write out a timing sheet for the jobs you need to do on Christmas Day, so you’re not trying to remember everything and can enjoy the day
  3. Get the tunes on: Whether it’s Michael Bublé or Mariah Carey, choose your favourite festive music to remind you that this is no ordinary dinner you’re preparing
  4. Get the drinks in: a glass of wine or a festive mocktail to sip while you cook up a storm will help you to feel part of the party
  5. Get the family involved: Many hands make light work, so dish out jobs to any willing sous-chefs. Got kids who love crafts? Set them to work making festive place settings, crackers and name cards and ask them to be in charge of setting the table on the day.