Three expert tricks for a cosy winter living space

New Walton Lounge

We’ve been speaking with our interior designers to discover the tricks of the trade for transforming our summer living spaces into cosy winter hideaways, just-in-time to enjoy those chilly winter evenings!

Here’s our top three picks for a quick winter update that’s low on cost, but big on impact…

1. Layer Up

Silkin Green Ashbourne Lounge
Layer Up

Introducing layers and varying textures into your home decor will inject warmth and depth in any room. How? Too much empty space can make a room feel cold, so increasing your layers will make your room feel fuller and therefore cosier. Rugs are a quick and easy way to update your look for the winter season, whilst also warming up your space – especially if you have hardwood floors!

For a playful look, adorn your walls with mix and match frames featuring  your favourite artwork and drape thick throws and plush cushions across your sofa for an instant refresh. Think chunky knits and luxury velvets.

2. Set the Mood

Set the mood

The right lighting can take a room from minimalist to cosy with just a flick of switch. But which lighting is best? Subdued, low lighting creates the illusion of warmth, so invest in floor and/or table lights with warm white bulbs.

Also, don’t underestimate the power of a simple candle. Candles are a staple when it comes to winter decor. Not only are they extremely cost effective, but the soft, flickering light has the ability to transform any space into a cosy and intimate haven – perfect for a quiet night in! To enhance their warmth even further, opt for candle holders in ceramic or wood finishes.

3. Be Bold with Brass

Foss Lounge
Be bold with Brass

Blending brass accents with pastel furnishings is a uniquely beautiful colour combination that brings instant warmth into a room. How can we maximise impact? Introducing a brass-framed mirror as the room’s focal point will further enhance the warmth by reflecting the hues of your living space decor. This pastel-fused paradise is the perfect transitional scheme to take you through the seasons, with the metallic finishes setting the scene for our the festive period.