Third generation couple finds home at Dutton Fields

Dutton Fields buyers, Chelsey and Luke

First time buyers Luke (25) and his wife Chelsey (24) have bought their dream home on the site of the former RAF Sealand base, now known as Countryside’s Dutton Fields development, but they had no idea just how special the site was. 

The airfields land in Deeside has had many uses over the last 50 years but, for the Fleming family it is a place they inadvertently keep calling home. Luke explained: “We went to Countryside’s Dutton Fields because we were drawn in by the specification and the build of the homes. It wasn’t until later that we discovered a family connection. Over dinner one night my parents revealed that this site was actually where my grandad had been stationed in his RAF days.”

Luke’s grandad, Tom, worked at RAF Sealand from 1966 until he retired in 1997. Tom started out as a technician, repairing radios and radars for the entire Royal Air Force since Sealand was a communications support base for operations around the world. He then worked his way up the ranks to become Wing Commander.

Chelsey continued: “It’s amazing to know that in the same place where Luke’s grandad not only built his RAF legacy but raised his family, will be where we are going to be starting ours. Things have come full circle and it makes our new home even more special.”

Luke, a regional manager for child development charity, Compassion UK and Chelsey, a student teacher, started looking for their new home back in January thinking it would be next year before they could buy, but lockdown accelerated the process.

Luke said: “We saw the house we wanted in January and made a couple of enquiries, but we didn’t think it would happen this year. Lockdown helped us as we had no outgoings and after paying some things off, we realised we had enough for our deposit. When we visited Dutton Fields in June, the home we wanted was still available. It all felt like it was meant to be - especially with all the family history with the site.”

Luke and Chelsey bought a three-bedroom Ashop home at Countryside’s Deeside development using the government-backed Help to Buy Wales: Equity Loan scheme, which has recently been extended for a further twelve months until March 2022.

Chelsey added: “For us, the home is the foundation for our future together, so we wanted to get the best possible quality for our money and that’s what we got with Countryside. We were so surprised with what comes as standard - you’d certainly have to pay extra with other developers. Being able to choose our kitchen and tiles means our home is ready to live in. We’re really excited to move into our new home.”

Mark Hadfield, Managing Director, Partnerships Merseyside and Cheshire West, Countryside, said: “We were so surprised and thrilled to hear about Luke and Chelsey’s family connection to Dutton Fields. We know the site has so much history and with the extension of the Help to Buy Wales scheme, it means more families will be able to buy a home they can afford and continue the legacy of the site.”

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Chelsey and Luke

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