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Spending time outdoors has many wellbeing benefits and from the moment you arrive at a Countryside development, you’ll find nature is there to welcome you with open arms.

We think about every single detail when planning the landscape of our developments, incorporating greenspace to create a welcoming environment, safeguarding local wildlife species and using recyclable and sustainable materials wherever possible.

On average, our homes are 6.5 times more energy efficient than a house built 30 years ago.

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Our exterior landscaping connects seamlessly to the design of our homes’ interiors to give you a sense of belonging and also a strong connection to the outside world.

And, whilst it’s great to get outside, we know that thanks to the great British climate, it’s not always possible. That’s why we also go to great lengths to draw upon the natural elements within our homes.

And Out

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With Countryside, you won’t ever have to go too far to find nearby parks and greenspace - from well-kept grasslands and wildflower meadows to open forest and wetlands.

We take our responsibility to the natural environment seriously and always complete a full ecological assessment before any work begins. We also take great care during construction to preserve biodiversity and by doing so hope that local residents will enjoy be able to enjoy local wildlife for generations to come.

One of the best things about moving to a new house is exploring all that the local area has to offer and the beauty of the natural world you’ll find on the doorstep to your Countryside home. This excitement is captured perfectly by our buyer, @thehappyscrapbook.

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