Surrounded by good friends - Community spirit at Countryside

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The Joy Next Door 

Community spirit is alive and kicking! In our latest survey, 90% of our residents described the Countryside community they live in as either close-knit and sociable - or said they know each other well enough to say hello. Compare this with the national average of 70% and you begin to see the real strength of community spirit that exists within our developments.

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When we delve a little deeper, it’s easy to see why the sense of community is so strong. Over 85% of our residents said they know their neighbours well and 70% would consider them good friends. You also told us what the benefits of living in a close-knit community were:

“I like the feeling of togetherness” and “I feel much safer.”

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Exceptional People

Taking in parcels, mowing lawns, looking after children and pets, and keeping an eye on each other’s houses - these are just a few of the things you told us your neighbours are helping with on a regular basis. 

But there’s more… From sharing welcome gifts and hosting surprise parties to baking cakes and cooking meals for new parents. We loved hearing your stories of the amazing things your neighbours have done for you - they’re proof that some of the best friendships are formed with those who live next door.

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Exceptional times

As neighbours, you are all connected to one another and during the exceptional circumstances of the past year you have come together more than ever before - hosting BBQs, parties and whole street meets. Community heroes have also been busy helping those in need - picking up shopping and prescriptions as well as doing DIY:

“My neighbour has every tool imaginable and has part hulk strength - he’s always willing to help people - wherever, whenever.”

They say to surround yourself with good people - people who lift you up and have your best interests at heart - and they might just be closer than you think. 

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