Such a good feeling - What 'home' means to you

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Last month, we launched a survey all about feelings and the results are in...

We asked you what the best feeling in the world was and you said - ‘spending time with friends and family’. But this answer won by only a hair’s breadth, with ‘falling in love’ coming a very close second. 

The best kind of feelings

When it comes to what you want to hear as you walk through the front door, it seems you’re torn between your pet and your partner. But the ‘pitter patter of little paws took a slight lead, with ‘a partner’s voice’ next in line. 

You said happy people make a happy home and the part of the house you love the most is the living room. For those of you already living in a Countryside house, it’s the kitchen that has your heart. Here’s what you had to say...


It feels like love

“We have a gorgeous Countryside Longford. The skylights and large kitchen make it perfect for entertaining and dining together as a couple after a long day at work.”

“It’s bright, airy and amazing for entertainment. We haven’t stopped since restrictions have lifted.”

“The amount of light shining through each day makes my day so much happier and brighter!”

“Countryside skylights - I love how much light floods in and makes my kitchen look beautiful.”

“Listening to the calmness of nature and being able to switch off after a long day of working. All of my worries go away.”

Your heartwarming words of what ‘home truly means to you’ also speak for themselves…

It feels like home

“It’s a place I love to be in.”

“A happy retreat from the outside world.”

“A special, safe and tranquil place for us to live our lives and make the most amazing memories in.”

“A safe space where I can be myself.”

“Somewhere to relax. Somewhere I am proud of. Somewhere I feel happy, safe and content.”

“A place where you are completely vulnerable and able to relax.”

“It means life.”

“My sanctuary.”

For many of you, it’s even simpler - home means ‘family’.