‘Stress free home buying’: Our job is to help, guide and reassure

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We caught up with our Sales Consultant of the Year, Annabel Collins, to get the inside scoop on the amazing work done by our fantastic sales team and the secret to supporting our buyers.

Buying a new house is one of the most exciting of life’s milestones and we love sharing this experience with our buyers. Here's some of Annabel's favourite moments in the buying process.

Handing over the keys to a buyer’s new home is a really proud moment for me, but it’s such a small part of what we actually do. Before this day arrives we go through so much together; we help our buyers choose the right home for them, we connect them with independent financial advisors and we are on hand to help with their questions along the way. For me, it’s this guidance that means the most to our clients.

I’m a mum of three boys who are all around the age of our first time buyers. I’d like to think that if one of my boys needed help when making one of the biggest decisions of their life, they would be able to speak to someone they could trust and who would do everything they could to help. This thought stays with me every day.

"As soon as our sales office door opens, we find a way to help."

That person could be house hunting for the first time, have a query about their completion date or could be three months in their home and have a question about their boiler. No matter the query, our customers deserve to feel looked after.

I consider myself to be a sort of signpost for our buyers – if we don’t know the answer, then we certainly know someone who will. And that makes such a difference. We want our buyers to be relaxed because ultimately this will help them enjoy their home buying experience. There may be bumps in the road but reassuring our buyers goes a long way in ensuring that those bumps are small and that they’re easily overcome. 

All of this comes down to one simple rule of thumb – we build relationships as well as building homes. Buying a house is an emotional journey and as sales consultants we have a choice whether or not to join people along that journey.

By being a part of their experience, we get to know our buyers and share in their excitement. Sending a client a photo of their house under construction may be a small gesture but I believe it really makes a difference and it’s these moments that make me really proud. 

First Time Buyer Guide

I am only two and a half years into my time as a sales consultant with Countryside having had a change from my previous career working in the police force. It was a leap of faith but I have never looked back. I love my job; I get to be a part of so many life changing experiences and to me, that is really special.

I’ve been asked, what is the strangest question from a buyer? Honestly, nothing I have ever been asked has shocked me. There is no question too small, and no question too silly. Home buying is new territory for the majority of people, and one of the greatest things about what we do is that we are the ones to provide the answers.”

To find out more about our commitment to making your home buying experience enjoyable and exciting, get in touch with a member of our sales team by searching for your nearest development today.