Spring into action – top interior tips for the season

With spring now firmly upon us, there comes an annual tradition for many – the spring clean! We recently caught up with Felicity Stevens, Director at Haus Interiors – the design expertise behind our two new show apartments at Aura, part of our award-winning new neighbourhood at Great Kneighton – to get her top tips for updating your interiors, as well as how to get your outside space guest-ready. 

  1. Time to declutter!

Not only is decluttering good for our minds, it’s also a great opportunity to move things around. We all tend to accumulate bits and pieces we perhaps don’t need, especially so in the last year as we’ve been at home more than ever.

My rule of thumb for decluttering is: if the windows are open, will it blow away? If so, time to go! That said, don’t forget that any changes you make in spring will still need to work in the colder winter months too, so be mindful of not stripping too much away.

  1. Create a retreat in your bedroom

The relaxed and effortless interior look is in this season. A great investment are French linen bedsheets. Crinkled, yes, but that’s the understated luxury style! Not only are they breathable for those warmer nights, but they also look attractive… even when you haven’t got the time to make your bed look hotel room perfect.

If you can, bring the outdoors into your bedroom. The warmer weather makes us all want to spend more time outside, but in great British style, not all days will be glorious. It’s lovely to create a relaxing environment in your bedroom, with a spot for reading, relaxing or listening to music. Make space for fresh foliage – glass vases are perfect for these so you can appreciate the full stem, and it of course adds a beautiful floral scent to the room.

  1. Get your outside space guest ready

Whether you’ve got a balcony, terrace or garden, it is important to treat it as another room, and give it as much love, care and attention as you would the rooms inside the house – much like an interior, focus on smell, texture and lighting. Adding a few scatter cushions to outdoor furniture, and a selection of potted flowers are easy ways to bring pops of colour to the space.

You don’t need to get an electrician out to add lighting to your outside space - it doesn’t even need to be electrical! Candles and battery-powered fairy lights all work really well and mean you can spend time on your balcony and terrace well into the evening.

  1. Find a new scent

With a little more (outdoor) socialising now allowed – and with more exciting times ahead – there’s nothing better than preparing for when those loved ones can come and visit again.

One idea to consider is introducing a new scent into your home. Your senses play a significant part in making memories, especially your sense of smell, so a new scent could be a wonderful addition as start spending more time with our families and friends – and making new happy memories of course!