Sister duo find dream homes… next door!

Baberton Grange buyers, Leanne and Claire

Countryside is welcoming two new sibling residents as sisters Claire and Leanne both prepare to move into their homes. This is no ordinary move though, it just so happens that they’ve bought the same house type, on the same street… and will soon be living next door to each other!

Prior to reserving their new four-bedroom Lymington homes with their partners, the sisters have lived separately. Claire is a first time buyer, and was keen to make sure she invested wisely first time, while Leanne was already on the property ladder and struggling to sell her previous house. 

Leanne and her partner Rob started looking for a new home in February after outgrowing their three-bed semi with two young girls, aged four and three. After months of disappointment they stumbled across a Countryside development, fell in love with the Lymington house type, and secured their dream home through the Assisted Move scheme. 

Leanne explained: “After months of searching we saw the Lymington and never looked back! It worked perfectly with the Assisted Move scheme too, as we sold our home in less than two days. We approved the house listing on Wednesday, and by Friday our home had sold. The scheme made a huge difference as our estate agents hadn’t managed to sell it in over 6 months.”

Meanwhile Claire, who’d been living with their parents, had been looking at other developers with partner Grant. As a first time buyer, Claire had no chain to worry about but did have the hurdle of getting a first foothold on the property ladder. Claire explained: “We were in the process of reserving with another developer but we weren’t 100% convinced. Leanne mentioned this development so we went to take a look. Amazingly, the Lymington right next door to Leanne was available through Help To Buy. It was uncanny really!” 

Regarding deciding factors, Claire added: “Everything was extra at the other development we were looking at. With Countryside you get your appliances, lawn, fencing and more included. I totted up how much this would have cost with the other developer and it would have been well over £25,000! And as the other home wasn’t available through Help To Buy we’d have used all of our savings and would have really struggled to actually buy anything for the home once we were in it.”

The couples are looking forward to moving into their new homes and to the positive impact of living side by side. Leanne added: “With us all working such different hours, it will make seeing each other possible for a change.” Claire agreed: “With my nieces being really little, it will be lovely that I can just pop round and help Leanne out. We’re so happy with our new homes and lifestyle.”