As Seen On Instagram - Top pergola trends


It’s great to see our buyers putting their unique spin on a Countryside home, which is why we love it when you tag us in your snaps on Instagram. Insta also helps us keep track of the latest and most popular trends among homeowners. This month, we’re exploring a fast growing trend in outdoor living - pergolas!

What is a Pergola? 

Typically achieved using timber beams, a pergola is a fixed, natural-looking structure for your garden which adds definition and style. Done well, a pergola can create a beautiful focal point to turn your outdoor space into an extra living area as @thatcosyhome have done.


Pergolas are nothing new (in fact, the Romans invented them!) but it’s perhaps no surprise that the trend has taken hold in recent months as we all look for more ways to enjoy our time outside together. 

What are the benefits? 

You can use a pergola as an extension to your home, sitting flush with the building as a type of awning, but many families choose the sunniest spot in the garden where they spend most of their time relaxing. 

These elegant and minimalist wooden structures are usually fairly low maintenance and, depending on the roof design you choose, you can create just enough shade to keep the brightest midday glare at bay - without feeling that you’ve stepped out of the sun entirely. This makes a pergola a perfect choice for young families. 

Make it your own

You can easily personalise a pergola by hanging bought or handmade decorations for celebrations enjoyed in the garden. Outdoor fairy lights or hanging lanterns - like @OurNewBuildLife have opted for - are a great low-maintenance choice for blissful evenings in the garden.  

To add a touch more glamour for that al fresco dining style, use outdoor seating made from natural materials. Position symmetrically with the pergola to create clean lines, and further define your new space.  

Create the look

If you have a local craftsman - or talented friend - to create a pergola for you then that would certainly be the most hassle-free option. But if you’re not lucky enough to have a handyman on speed dial, you can easily build one yourself using a DIY pergola kit from the high street. Be warned though before you start - you may need two pairs of hands to erect it.

OurNewBuildLife interior shot

Once your pergola is securely in position, you will then be able to decorate and get started on the roof or canopy if you’re having one. Over time, you can even create a natural canopy using climbing plants and flowers but if you can’t wait, you can easily install a fabric roof.

If these stunning garden snaps have got you itching for an outdoor haven of your own, head over to @Countryside_Inspire on Instagram for even more inspiration. Next month we’ll be exploring the growing popularity of garden kitchens so if you have one, make sure you share. The Inspire community would love to hear from you!