As Seen On Instagram - Top panelling trends

As seen on Instagram - buyers images

Social media is a fantastic resource for budding interior designers - or even those of us who love to dabble in decorating. A great place to draw inspiration and share your successes with other homeowners, Instagram is a place for our buyers to tag us in their beautiful interiors images. Below we’ve shared a snapshot of some of the key trends you’re loving right now. 

What is geometric panelling?

Panelling has been a major trend for a long time, with many still opting for traditional square shapes to give a structured, period-property feel to a new space.

What we’re now seeing a rise in, is panelling used in geometric patterns for the creation of a feature - or an ‘accent’ - wall. This modern take on panelling injects greater depth, texture and personality to a space.

@OurNewBuildLife has done a beautiful job here with this blush pink feature wall. This use of panelling not only mirrors the clean lines found in the rest of the living space, but also draws the eye to the gorgeous skylight windows above, further elongating the room. 

OurNewBuildLife instagram post

Make it your own

The beauty of this trend is that you can adapt it to your individual space and tastes yet still feel all the benefits that panels provide. 

Rather than diving in and overhauling an entire accent wall straight away, you can dabble as the lovely homeowners @HomeAtDunham_Countryside have. These on-trend buyers prove that by being creative and sectioning off just one part of your wall, you can create an artistic effect with just a few strips of wood. 

HomeatdunhamCountryside Instagram photo

Create the look

If you’re able to get your hands on some basic tools and materials, this look is easy for a confident DIY-er to take on themselves. 

You’ll need to start by carefully measuring the dimensions of your walls and, ideally, creating a to-scale drawing that will give you a realistic idea of the finished result. While a less exciting stage than the re-design itself, this vital step can help you to reduce waste as you’ll be able to purchase the exact amount of timber moulding strips. 

Handy tools will include masking tape, a nail gun or strong adhesive, a saw, sandpaper and caulk - crucial to ensure those painted edges are as clean as can be and that you can achieve a polished finish.

If these geometric snaps got your creative juices flowing - or made you want to show off your own interior design skills or tips - head over to @Countryside_Inspire on Instagram. Next month we’ll be exploring the booming pergola trend so if you’ve got a beautiful example in your own back garden, get sharing. The Inspire community would love to hear from you!