AS SEEN ON INSTAGRAM: Stylish shelves


Shelving can serve both a functional and a decorative purpose. As well as being a practical way of storing items, thoughtfully styled shelves can be a great way to show off treasured possessions or create a focal point in a room. We’ve picked out some of our favourite examples from Instagram of how you’ve used shelving as a decorative feature in your homes.

As seen on insta


Casual curation

These simple white floating shelves pair beautifully with the sage green of the wall behind and create a perfect base for a display of books, photos, plants and other prized objects. The key to making this look work is using enough items with varied heights and sizes to create an interesting, casual and curated look but stopping short of making the display feel cluttered. Coordinating colours and shapes and using a hanging plant to bridge the gap between the two shelves provides a balanced feel.

As seen on insta


Spa vibes

The illuminated display shelves of @Newstamford19’s bathroom lend themselves perfectly to this spa-style set-up. A basket provides useful storage while plants and candles provide a sense of calm, a reed diffuser provides a soothing scent and positive affirmations ensure that this is a sanctuary for wellness, relaxation and rest.

As seen on insta


Maximising unused space

Transforming the functional into the beautiful is a vital philosophy for turning a house into a home. Here, by adding a small shelf above a set of hooks, the Hinch family has maximised an otherwise unused space to display a tasteful selection of plants, art and photos that coordinate with the hooks below. In doing so, they’ve helped move the focus away from the everyday clutter and up to something more attractive and joyful.