Taking inspiration from the changing seasons can be a great way to keep our homes feeling fresh. Embracing the ever-changing world around us helps us to connect with nature, which has been shown to reduce stress, depression and anxiety. We’ve picked out some of the ways you’ve been bringing spring into your homes, as seen on Instagram.

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Seasonal subtlety

At first glance, bringing a sense of spring into a modern industrial style such as that of @bamberbridge_life’s kitchen-living room, might seem a tricky feat. But flowers don’t have to come in lavish floral bouquets. By keeping it simple, the daffodils, arranged here in a suitably industrial metal jug, bring a definite nod to spring without feeling out of place. The yellow teams neatly with the green of the sofa, while adding a pop of colour in front of the feature wall.

As seen on insta


A treat for the senses

Nothing signals the change in seasons like a bouquet of freshly cut flowers. But @interiorbyrachael has gone a step further by combining a colourful arrangement with a scented candle, ensuring her home both looks and smells like spring. We love her choice of grey reeded glass vase which, combined with natural stones and woods makes for a calming and elegant ensemble.

As seen on insta


Let the warm air in

Letting spring into your home doesn’t have to mean new accessories and displays; it can be as simple as just opening the window. In the loft bedroom of our_newcalder, the feature windows make the changing seasons the star of the show. Here the opportunity to sit on this inviting chair in serene surroundings to read a book or take advantage of some down time while the sun streams in and the scent of freshly mown grass wafts through the air is the perfect reminder that the winter days are behind us and warmer times are on their way.