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It's time to fly

It’s time to fly

Our homes say a lot about who we are and for most of us, it’s the one place we can be truly and completely ourselves. Our childhood experiences, relationships and fond memories also shape who we are so it’s easy to see why the nostalgia trend is so hot in interior design right now.

Free your mind

Over on Instagram, we can see that some of you have been letting your inner child guide your interior design adventures, with amazing results. 

Y2K fashion made a comeback on the catwalk in 2021 and now the trend is starting to gain momentum in our homes.

All it takes is one strategic piece - as @40.the.palace demonstrates. This mirror wall brings all of the glitz and glamour of the 00s right into the modern day. It’s a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously, free our inhibitions and liberate our wilder side from time to time. 

Cherish the simpler things

If you’re looking for something more subtle, then monochrome may be more your style.

If you follow @h.isforhome on Instagram, you’ll know that this is a look they have embraced throughout the home. Just check out this homely rocking chair in the baby’s room, perfect for snuggles and bedtime stories.

Whether it’s a playful pattern or a timeless black and white colour scheme, take a trip down memory lane and add a few old-school touches to remind you who you truly are.

Summon the senses

Scent and what we smell is also a big trigger in helping to conjure up treasured moments from the past. 

Cooking food you loved as a child is sometimes all it takes to give you a huge hit of nostalgia. Here @itsdaniellesjourney helps to evoke feelings of cosy childhood days at home with her wholesome homemade soup made in her gorgeous kitchen.

Candles and flowers can also give you vivid flashbacks of days gone by, eliciting certain emotions and much-loved memories.